Melbourne Radio Ratings: Ross & John & Neil & Steve keep 3AW #1, smooth & Gold up

• Breakfast with Ross and John remains miles ahead of its nearest competitor

Biggest rise: smoothfm +1.3
Biggest fall: 101.9 Fox FM -0.8

3AW 15.2% (+0.8)

Business as usual at the perennial leader with the start of the football season giving a gentle bump. (Although weekend share was actually down a little!) Breakfast with Ross and John remains miles ahead of its nearest competitor, as does Neil Mitchell in morning. Denis Walter lifted share 1.3 to 11.7% in afternoon while Tom Elliott and Sportsday were up 1.9 to 12.7% in drive. The shared evening slot with Ross Greenwood, Steve Price, Phil Brady and Simon Owens was up 1.1% to the station’s highest share of 20.2%.

smoothfm 91.5 11.0% (+1.3)

This caps of another great smoothfm survey with the two stations leading in their FM markets. The added bonus in Melbourne sees breakfast with Mike Perso and Jennifer Hanson ranking #1 FM – and they got there without their own billboard along the Tullamarine Freeway. Their share of 9.5% is smooth’s best ever breakfast result. The rest of the day was not too shabby either.

Gold 104.3 10.1% (+0.7)

The station was into double figures three times last year and has cracked it again in this survey. The station ranks #1 FM in afternoon and is not far off the pace in drive and morning too. Breakfast with Christian O’Connell lifted 0.5 to 7.3%, but still trails two better results at the end of last year.

101.9 Fox FM 9.6% (-0.8)

Share only moved a little, but that was enough for the station to fall from #1 FM to #3. Breakfast and morning were both down 1.5 with the former on 8.7%, which is the lowest Fox breakfast share since 2017.

Nova 100 7.3% (0.0)

Improvements in morning and afternoon offset a fall in drive where Kate, Tim and Marty dipped 1.0 to 8.5% where they trail Fox and Gold. Breakfast with Chrissie, Sam and Browny was up 0.1 to 7.8% where they rank #4 FM.

105.1 Triple M 6.9% (-0.7)

Kennedy Molloy was the station champ last survey with a show best of 9.2%. That has eased a little to 8.1% – the same share as The Hot Breakfast with Eddie, Wil and Darc.

KIIS 101.1 FM 4.8% (0.0)

Not a great result, but not terrible either. (Could have been worse is hardly a ringing endorsement.) Breakfast was also steady with Jase and PJ on 4.9%. Their best so far has been a 5.9% in mid-2018. Will and Woody are well behind their Sydney performance with share down 0.4 to 6.3%.

SEN 2.9% (+0.5)

The AFL must have helped here with a slight bump on weekdays and weekends. All dayparts were up which is good news for breakfast with Garry Lyon and Tim Watson (+0.5 to 3.4%) plus morning with Gerard Whateley (+0.8 to 3.0%).

Macquarie Sports 1278 0.4% (+0.1)

A lift from its lowest ever share with drive the highlight on 1.1%.

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