GfK Survey 3: Commercial radio streaming hits high with 12.24 million listeners


“Young Australians are the heart of radio’s growth and are listening to radio more than ever before”

GfK survey 3 has revealed almost 26% of listeners streamed commercial radio while the number of total listeners hithigh of 12.24 million.

Radio 360, the commercial radio industry’s new audience measurement system, has delivered for the first time the total, broadcast and streaming audience figures for each radio station in the five major metro markets.  

Listener numbers were up 3.6%, or over 420,000 year on year, with 82.3% of all Australians 10+ listening to commercial radio each week. Listener numbers were up in all day parts, and time spent listening increased 47 minutes year on year to 13 hours 13 minutes.  

Cumulative audiences are up year to date for all commercial radio, which includes commercial DAB+, commercial FM and commercial AM radio.

Radio 360 revealed almost 3.2 million Australians stream commercial radio each week. Listeners spent an average 4 hours 24 minutes streaming, with the heaviest streaming in the breakfast, morning and afternoon day parts. 

Ford Ennals, chief executive officer of CRA, said: “Radio 360 is a new, hybrid measurement system that shines a light on the rapidly growing digital audio streaming audience.”

Commercial radio audiences have never been stronger and the options for people to engage with radio is ever increasing. In GfK’s survey 3Radio 360 has revealed who is streaming and where they are listening. And the data, from multiple data sources, is robust, accountable and independently audited,” Ennals said.

“The way people consume radio is constantly evolving and Radio 360 aligns with the changing landscape of audio consumption,” Ennals said.

“Young Australians are the heart of radio’s growth and are listening to radio more than ever before. The number of listeners aged 10 to 24 was up 6% year on year to 2.8 million people, with one in three streaming each week.”

People stream commercial radio from home more than any other location, with 2.3 million people listening from home, compared to 1 million listening in the car, 930,000 listening at work, and 770,000 streaming elsewhere.  

Almost a third of commercial DAB+ station listeners listened via streaming. Commercial DAB+ stations performed strongly overall with over 2.7 million weekly listeners, up 20% year on year.

Also revealed today is CRA’s new dynamic Radio 360 Dashboard which provides an in-depth look at survey results.

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