Looking back at 2015: SCA’s Mike Fitzpatrick

Triple M Network’s national content director Mike Fitzpatrick talks about content in 2015 and 2016

Mike Fitzpatrick

Head of Content, SCA Triple M Network

2015 Highlight

The quality of the content coming out of our teams reinforcing that smart and relevant can be done on commerical FM, e.g. Triple M not shying away from the Myuran Sukumaran conversation and talking to Ben Quilty, our on-air work with White Ribbon, the Triple M Adelaide Ice epidemic show, our Rosie Batty show and the Legends series on Merrick. Smart, compelling, sometimes emotional, often funny, always entertaining, content of which I’m most proud.

2015 Lowlight

None so far.

Story of the year


Most notable trend

Netflix. Also brioche buns on hamburgers – it’s wrong and must stop at once.

What are you excited about for 2016?

Content. All kinds. Radio, video, digital. Making it, finding people to make it, sharing it, and being around people who are excited about making it.

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