TV Ratings November 17: Hamish and Andy return to 881k viewers

• Total Control delivers a powerful final episode, lifts ABC

Sunday Week 47 2019

• Hamish and Andy keep Nine’s Sunday winning streak intact
• Total Control delivers a powerful final episode, lifts ABC
• Zumbo returns for season 2 on Seven, ranks #2 in timeslot
• Trains deliver bigger Sunday share for SBS travellers

• Seven News 905,000
• Nine News 765,000
• ABC News 683,000
• Insiders 342,000
• The Project 193,000/320,000
• 10 News First 240,000
• Offsider 157,000
• SBS World News 143,000

Breakfast TV

• Sunrise 250,000
• Today 183,000


After a first season in back in 2016, Seven launched the second season of Zumbo’s Just Desserts with a first episode audience of 446,000. That was enough to rank in the top 10 and the episode was #2 in the timeslot behind Nine. The series launched on a Monday originally with just over 1m metro.

Sunday Night then did 331,000.


The return of Hamish and Andy to primetime together has kept Nine in winning form on Sunday night. The first episode of Perfect Holiday didn’t muck around, taking the touring duo straight to the action on a speedway for buses just outside Seattle. The audience warmed to it immediately, with an audience of 881,000 for the first of three episodes.

Nine’s 60 Minutes then did 568,000, enough to give Nine three of the top five and secure a strong winning share.


The channel has been without a major franchise on a Sunday for some time and this is the ninth week out of 10 that share slipped into single figures.

The channel’s best was The Sunday Project on 320,000.

Jamie Oliver was programmed initially with The Naked Chef Bares All, yet it seems a Graham Norton re-run went to air with 272,000 watching.

NCIS then did 267,000.


The channel’s fallback position on Sunday night when it is not doing property is David Attenborough. Last night it was his series Pangolins with 420,000 watching.

The final episode of Total Control was as powerful and compelling as the previous five and left viewers wondering about the possibility of a second season. The final episode did 536,000.


It was “all aboard” for the broadcaster with three hours of train travel from 7.30pm.

Secrets of the Railway at 7.30pm was on 262,000 and sitting well inside the top 20.

Then the two-part Inside The Orient Express did 190,000.

The trains delivered the second-best Sunday share for the channel since June.

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