TV Ratings April 8: Hard Quiz first over House Rules, Paramedics, Bondi Rescue

• Seven closes The Front Bar while the sport is in recess

Wednesday news highlights
Seven News 1,314,000/1,246,000
Nine News 1,143,000/1,071,000
ABC News 961,000
A Current Affair 788,000/543,000 (7pm & 7.30pm)
7.30 785,000
The Project 392,000/597,000
10 News First 536,000/338,000
The Latest 410,000/309,000
Nine News special: COVID-19 386,000
Sunrise 342,000
Today 254,000
The Drum 252,000
News Breakfast 252,000
SBS World News 192,000

Nine: Paramedics did 545,000 in between the news programs.

Seven: A third night of House Rules screened after 7pm. The numbers this week all holding over 600,000:
Monday 679,000/670,000
Tuesday 643,000
Wednesday 620,000

No Front Bar last night with Seven giving the format a rest.

10: Two episodes of Bondi Rescue on 444,000 and 361,000. Bull followed with 262,000 and 204,000 for a repeat.

ABC: Hard Quiz did 778,000 with Mad as Hell on 715,000.

SBS: Wrap up night with History of Britain ending on 273,000. The final Dublin Murders then did 203,000.

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