Radio: Survey six analysis – every metro commercial station

Mediaweek editor James Manning examines the GFK radio survey 6 results for each metro commercial station.

Survey 6, 2018


• 2GB the biggest improver as share pushes above 15%
• Alan Jones lifts to 19% and Ray Hadley busts above 20%
•WSFM maintains its lead over smooth as #1 FM

2GB 15.4%

Massive result for the station and its highest 10+ share since 2011. Alan Jones is sitting on 19.0%, which is his 214th consecutive survey victory and also his best result since 2011. Ray Hadley saw his share push to 20.2%, which is his best result in seven years. The wins don’t stop there with Chris Smith #1 in afternoon, Ben Fordham #1 AM in drive, Steve Price #1 Monday to Thursday after 8pm and George and Paul #1 on weekend mornings from 9am until 1pm. Share 65+ took off, up 4.5 to 37.2%.

WSFM 10.0%

The station remains #1 FM while Jonesy and Amanda in breakfast are now #2 in FM breakfast after Kyle and Jackie O crept past them. The station’s all-music drive show, hosted beautifully by Jason Staveley, sits at #2 FM and drive was the only timeslot not to dip this survey. The station remains a strong #1 40-54.

smoothfm 9.3%

Despite a small dip, smoothfm remains the #2 FM station with share up in morning and afternoon and down very slightly elsewhere. The station has taken top spot from WSFM 55-64.

Nova 96.9 7.5%

The numbers backed off a little here in all timeslots except drive. Fitzy and Wippa were down 0.9 to 7.1%, a breakfast figure they share with sister station smoothfm. Drive with Kate, Tim and Marty was up 0.6 to 12.8% to widen their lead in the timeslot. Share was up 18-24 and 40-54, but down 25-39.

KIIS 1065 7.3%

Kyle and Jackie O have reclaimed their crown as #1 FM breakfast show, sneaking past Jonesy and Amanda as KIIS share recovered to 10.2%. Morning was also up, but after 12noon the numbers dipped, including Will and Woody in drive, who were down to 6.0% (-0.5).

104.9 Triple M 5.4%

Station share was steady and The Grill Team lifted 0.5 to 6.0%. Morning and afternoon were down as was Kennedy Molloy in drive.

2CH 1170 4.6%

Overall growth this survey can be tracked back to better figures for afternoon, drive and evening plus weekends, which lifted 1.2 to 6.4% where the station outperforms three of Sydney’s six commercial FM brands. The new breakfast show with Indira and Trevor was down 0.7 to 2.6%.

104.1 2Day FM 4.3%

Share still hovers just above 4% with breakfast on 3.6%. The rest of the day grows with morning on 4.1% and afternoon on 5.6%. Hughesy and Kate are as yet unable to replicate their Melbourne success in Sydney with 5.9%, down 0.6 this survey.

Sky Sports Radio 0.9%

Big Sports Breakfast dipped 0.3 to 1.3%. Station is strongest on weekends, but share was down there too from 2.3% to 1.5%.

Macquarie Sports 954

Breakfast with Mark Levy and Mark Riddell was up 0.2 to 0.8%. That is the station’s weekday highlight, while weekend share was steady on 0.9%.


• 3AW and smoothfm hold firm as overall and FM leaders
• SEN the biggest mover as Gerard Whateley show climbs

3AW 13.5%

The 10+ audience share lifted 0.3 while breakfast with Ross and John was holding over 18%. Neil Mitchell is again close to 15% while share lifted a little for afternoon, drive and evening. 3AW continues to command massive share 55-64 and 65+ and a rise of 1.2 to 11.6% 40-64 sees it trail demo leader Gold by just 0.4.

smoothfm 9.9%

Another FM survey win for the station despite share dropping 0.5 to 9.9%. Breakfast with Mike Perso and Jennifer Hansen lifted 0.5 to 8.2%, where it is #2 FM breakfast behind only Fox. Despite dips, both morning and afternoon held above 10% while drive was up 0.4 to 9.8%. smoothfm has a massive FM lead 55-64.

101.9 Fox FM 9.4%

Breakfast with Fifi, Fev and Byron maintained #1 FM breakfast with share down 0.7 to 9.6%. There is still a little buffer between them and smoothfm breakfast. Hughesy and Kate remain #1 drive overall despite share dropping 1.5 to 10.5%. Big demo swings included 18-24 down 7.4 to 19.0% (but enough to keep it #1) while share 25-39 was up 3.5 to 20.2% where it continues to have more than twice the share of its nearest competitor (Gold).

Gold 104.3 9.3%

Share also dipped 0.6 here, keeping the gap between Fox and Gold just 0.1. The Christian O’Connell breakfast show dropped 0.7 to 6.7% where it ranks #5 FM out of six FM stations. Breakfast has put a little bit of pressure across the workday with morning and afternoon also down this survey, as was drive.

Nova 100 6.8%

Chrissie, Sam and Browny breakfast share was up 0.1 to 7.8%, which is higher than all dayparts bar drive share. Kate, Tim and Marty can boast 8.1%.

105.1 Triple M 6.5%

Eddie, Wil and Darce had a good ratings recovery with share up 0.7 to 7.7%. Morning and afternoon were flat but good news in drive where Mick Molloy and Jane Kennedy lifted 1.9 to 7.1%.

KIIS 101.1 5.4%

Share was steady 10+ while breakfast was also unchanged on 5.9%. Morning and afternoon had small recoveries but are both still trading under 5%. Will and Woody in drive dipped 1.1 to 6.1%.

SEN 3.8%

The station was the market’s biggest mover, albeit off a low base, with share up 0.9 to 3.8%. The source of the rise was morning with Gerard Whateley where share lifted 2.4 to 4.4%. Andy Maher was also connecting with listeners in the afternoon where share lifted 1.4 to 4.5%. Drive with Doc and KB lifted 0.2 to 3.6%. Also up was the station’s most critical daypart, breakfast with Garry and Tim, which lifted 0.4 to 3.6%.

Macquarie Sports 1278

Melbourne’s other sports station also managed to grow, but it remains well off the pace with breakfast on 0.2%, doubling its share. Drive performs best at the station, up 0.1 to 1.0%.


• Nova climbs back to top spot 10+, but Hit breakfast holds at #1

Nova 106.9 12.6%

The station has moved back into top spot, after ranking #4 in survey five. There is now a bigger gap separating the four commercial FM brands. Nova hasn’t been able to regain #1 breakfast, but it is up to #2 after ranking #3 the previous survey. There was strong growth across the day with morning, afternoon and drive all up. Kate, Tim and Marty continue to lead the market in the latter, up 1.7 to 15.7%. The influx of listeners seem to be aged 18-24 where share jumped 5.4 to 21.9%.

Hit 105 11.7%

The station’s flirtation with top spot 10+ ended, yet breakfast with Stav, Abby and Matt lifted 0.3 to 13.4% to keep a grip on breakfast leadership, now 1.5 ahead of nearest competitor Nova.

104.5 Triple M 11.2%

Although share dipped 0.4, the station remains #3, as does breakfast with Marto, Robin and The Moonman despite a drop of 1.2 to 11.5%. Share dropped in other dayparts too, yet Triple M remains #1 in morning and afternoon.

97.3FM 10.9%

As share drifted below 11%, breakfast went close, down 0.5 to 11.0%. There was a flow-on effect across the day, with share slightly down morning, afternoon and drive with 97.3FM ranking #4 in all those timeslots. The station dipped this low last year, but soon recovered.

4KQ 8.1%

Bucking a downward trend was breakfast where Laurel, Gary and Mark lifted 0.4 to 7.4%. Morning holds just over 10% despite a drop. Afternoon and drive were both down too.

4BC 4.6%

Most timeslots were down, Alan Jones and Ray Hadley both dropping 0.8. Drive bucked that trend with a lift of 0.1, although it has the station’s smallest share – 3.3%.

Macquarie Sports 882 0.4%

Red ink right across the page with survey five’s 1.0% turning into 0.4%. Share virtually halved right across the day and evening.


• David and Will push Fiveaa breakfast higher to 15.6%
• Mix at work loses share, but station remains #1 overall

Mix 102.3 13.6%

Share has dipped to its lowest point this year. But get this – it is still stronger than any of the eight survey results from 2017. Breakfast with Jodie and Soda remains #1 FM with share down 0.8 to 13.2%. All other timeslots lost chunks of audience too, but they also all remain #1 FM timeslots, including Will and Woody.

Fiveaa 12.8%

David Penberthy and Will Goodings continue to be the station’s stars with another market-leading breakfast share – this time up 1.0 to 15.6%, which is a new high for them. Drive was up 0.8 to 13.0% while Jeremy Cordeaux sees his evening share climb 1.6 to 17.3%.

5MMM 10.0%

There is a lot of good radio in Adelaide, as Mediaweek was reminded during our Adelaide radio week recently, and Roo and Ditts are among the market’s best during breakfast. Their share lifted 0.1 to 10.9%, which is their best since survey two this year. Morning, afternoon and drive with Kennedy Molloy was also up.

Cruise 1323 9.2%

The little AM music station-that-could has had another strong survey, outperforming two of the market’s four commercial FM stations. Growth early in the day was leading the charge with breakfast with John Dean up 0.8 to 7.7% while morning was up 1.4 to 10.2%. Weekend share was up 0.1 to 11.0%, which is better than three of the four commercial FM stations.

Nova 91.9 8.8%

This is unchartered territory for the station with its lowest share in a long, long time. Breakfast is down to 8.2%, which must be close to a record nobody wants. Morning is down to 6.4%. Kate, Tim and Marty manage to drag the station share higher to 11.7% in drive, although survey-on-survey that is a dip of 1.9.

Hit 107 8.8%

The station is between breakfast shows with no farewell bump for the recently departed – breakfast share was down 1.3 to 6.2%. Again drive is the best figure here too with Hughesy and Kate on 9.3% (down 1.3).


• Mix 94.5 reclaims top spot with share creeping above 14%
• Nova retains breakfast #1 despite small Nathan, Nat & Shaun dip

Mix 94.5 14.1%

Status quo has returned to the market with Mix back at #1. It would dearly like to get breakfast back to the top too. Clairsy, Matt and Kymba are working on it – they have closed the gap between Mix and Nova at that time of day from 2.4 to 0.7. Breakfast and drive were the big movers this survey where the latter is a combo of The Rush Hour with Lisa and Pete and Kennedy Molloy. Drive share grew 0.6 to 13.4%, closing the gap a little between drive leader Nova and Mix.

Nova 93.7 13.5%

Breakfast with Nathan, Nat and Shaun has now been a chart topper for three consecutive surveys although the gap with Mix narrowed a little this time as Nova share dipped 0.4 to 14.6%. All dayparts were down barring evening where Smallzy lifted share close to 15%.

Hit 92.9 10.8%

The good times continue to roll with another up book driven by breakfast with Heidi, Ryan and Xavier up 1.1 to 11.3%. Morning and afternoon were also both up over 1.0.

96FM 7.2%

Hard to spin this result, which is the lowest station share for over two and a half years at least. The new breakfast show is yet to engage with its audience as share dipped 0.4 to 6.4%. That’s not the lowest this year – but close to it.

6PR 6.9%

Steve and Baz in breakfast lost a little of their recent momentum as share dipped 1.0 to 10.1%. That is still amongst their best figures over the past few years and well above the station average. Drive had a good survey with the Oliver Peterson-hosted session up 1.4 to 7.3%.

6iX 4.8%

The station has been over 5% for the previous four surveys, yet slipped just below that mark this time. While breakfast was down 0.2 to 3.7%, morning and afternoon lifted ever so slightly to hold above 5%.

Source: GfK


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