Podcast Week: Nova answers millennial WTF questions, Howie & Rusty

• iHeartPodcast’s Good Bits, Milestones for Emsolation & The Chaser Report

Nova’s millennial help line

Nova this week launched How To…Life, an advice podcast on #adulting, sharing personal experience and practical tips and advice to help muddled up millennials circumnavigate their whole life thing.

Podcast hosts Claudia Coy, Jenna D’Apice and Nikolina Kharoufeh don’t claim to know the answer to every WTF question that comes up but each week they sit down with people who have a little more experience.

Consisting of 10 episodes, How To… Life launches season one with a guest line up including:

• Carlin Sterritt, winner of series five of The Bacheloretteand newly single
•Author of The First Move Emily J. Brooks discusses how to be ballsy and break the dating rules
• Nova newsreader and dad-to-be Matt de Groot chats about why he decided it’s time to trade the Maserati for the minivan

How To… Life is the latest podcast to be released under Nova Entertainment’s suite of original podcasts joining The Babble, Modern Babies and Invisible Heroes.

Listen to How to…Life here.

iHeartPodcast Network partners with The Good Bits creators

ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network Australia has a new partnership with the Australian creators of the erotic podcast, The Good Bits.

The podcast launches with the online adult store wildsecrets.com.au as commercial partner.

The Good Bits features erotic stories from bestselling authors from the United States and Australia. The Good Bits is diverse and sex-positive with each episode telling a different story to inspire desire with fun, flirtation and indulgence.

The Good Bits was co-founded by Carol Battle and Siobhan Fitzgerald. The two Melbourne mums, one a tech executive and the other an advertising creative, saw a need for a high-quality female-focused podcast that sparked the imagination.

Carol Battle said, “We know nearly 40% of women experience a lack of desire at some point during their lives, and The Good Bitswants to help them feel good – without feeling gross. Erotic audio assists in turning off distracting thoughts, a ‘mental framing’ approach 90% of women use to focus on pleasure according to OMGYes and The Kinsey Institute.”

Siobhan Fitzgerald added, “Sex is such an important part of the human experience and there’s no reason it should be sleazy. Our aim has been to present great sex in great style on a platform that can inspire authors, readers, and advertisers alike.

ARN’s head of commercial audio & podcasts Corey Layton said, “Partnering with The Good Bits is testament to our ongoing commitment to supporting great Australian podcast content. As a result of lockdown measures and isolation, we’ve seen listening in the lifestyle genre increase, and The Good Bits delivers content that’s perfect escapism during these times.”

The Good Bits is produced/directed by Olivia O’Flynn, with title music by Patrick Grigg and sound by BangBang Studios.

Listen to The Good Bits here.

The Chaser’s mini milestone: The newest news

After a longish association with SCA’s Triple M brand came to an end earlier this year,The Chaser moved its audio operation to Nova Entertainment where it has been pumping out The Chaser Report going where others news podcasts fear to go with a promise of the newest news.

The most recent episode was hosted by Charles Firth, Nina Oyama and Dom Knight. The Republican Convention was the first topic of conversation and they reckoned it looked a bit Nazi. Nina spoke about the desperate plight of Britney Spears, Dom took a long look at a nudist camp in France and Charles introduced a new quiz: Is it Republican or is it Nazi?

Listen to The Chaser Report here.

Em’s birthday bash

The podcast host wearing Emsolation merch.

Also marking a milestone this week is PodcastOne’s Emsolation. To be fair the podcast is usually in celebration mode, but the past week was extra-special with hosts Em Rusciano and Michael Lucas having an episode 50 special and then turning ep 51 into a 50th tribute that counted down their top 10 moments since launch as selected by listeners. Ranking #2 in the top 10 was the Free Bitney segment while #1 went to Michele Morrone who played Massimo on the movie 365 Days.

Listen to Emsolation here.

Good sports with Erica Bana and Steve Smith

Two PodcastOne sporting podcasts this week both showed off big names. Motor sports specialist Greg Rust had actor Eric Bana on a new Rusty’s Garage episode. Bana told a great story about his first look at the script for The Castle. Bana told Rust he wondered if the producers, Working Dog, were having a laugh at his expense. “My dad was a greyhound racer and I lived near the airport!” Bana played Con Petropoulous, new husband of Tracey Kerrigan (Sophie Lee) in the movie.

Listen to Rusty’s Garage here.

Photo: Steve Smith with Mark Howard

The other big name was former Australian cricket captain Steve Smith who turned up on The Howie Games. Smith was speaking to Howie from his hotel in the UK ahead of the first cricket matches against England this month. The Steve Smith podcast came in three parts so set aside over two hours to get through it all.

Howie also released his first Howie Hotline episode this week with the host answering listeners questions.

Listen to The Howie Games here.

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