Thursday October 4, 2018

GfK Radio Ratings, Survey 6 2018: Highlights + full results

Mediaweek editor James Manning’s highlights from the fifth GfK Radio Ratings survey of 2018.

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• 2GB the biggest improver as share pushes above 15%
• Alan Jones lifts to 19% and Ray Hadley busts above 20%
• WSFM maintains its lead over smooth as #1 FM


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• 3AW and smoothfm hold firm as overall and FM leaders
• SEN the biggest mover as Gerard Whateley show climbs


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• Nova climbs back to top spot 10+ but Hit breakfast holds at #1


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• Mind the gap: David and Will push breakfast higher to 15.6%
• Mix at work loses share, but station remains #1 overall


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• Mix 94.5 reclaims top spot with share creeping above 14%
• Nova retains breakfast #1 despite small Nathan, Nat & Shaun dip


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Top Photo: KIIS 106.5’s Kyle and Jackie O

Behind Seven’s new singing show All Together Now: ‘It is not trying to find the next global superstar’

Julia Zemiro never thought that she’d be hosting a singing show. However, that is exactly what she is doing in Seven’s All Together Now.

By Kruti Joshi

“I wanted to find something to do that is scary. I am really at home doing RocKwiz and Home Delivery,” Zemiro told Mediaweek.

The person looking after the production of All Together Now for Seven is Stevie Murray. It’s been a busy year for the channel’s executive producer, who also looks after shows like The Chase, Little Big Shots and Take Me Out.

“I would not classify All Together Now as singing reality,” Murray said to Mediaweek early in our conversation. “It doesn’t take itself too seriously. It is not trying to find the next global superstar. There is no recording contract as prize. That takes a lot of pressure off the format.

“The main difference with this show and other singing reality shows is that there isn’t anywhere near the weight on back stories. We really only meet the contestants very briefly before they perform via a pre-performance interview.”

There are 100 judges on All Together Now with Irish singer Ronan Keating being the leader of the panel. The premise of the show is to get as many judges on their feet and voting for a performance. One performer from each heat round then goes into the grand final with a chance to win the prize money of $100,000.

This is Zemiro’s favourite part of the show. “I love that we are giving them the freedom to do what they want to do next… they are not locked into a recording contract,” she said.

Due to the scale and size of the show, as well as the number of people involved on-screen, it was important for the host to “be quick witted and fast on their feet in terms of their presentation and the physical nature of the show, where the host is moving around these 100 judges who are sitting on five different levels,” said Murray. Zemiro ticked all those boxes.

This is an excerpt from the full article, which appears on Mediaweek Premium. Read the full article here or subscribe to Mediaweek Premium here.

Podcast Week: Adam Shand, Teacher’s Pet, OzPod, 9Honey, Whimn

Mediaweek editor James Manning brings you up to date on the latest podcast news.

Adam Shand At Large: ATM Boy

The prolific PodcastOne true crime podcaster Adam Shand is back with a new story launching next week called ATM Boy. Shand tells the story of how, in 2011, a portal to illicit riches opened for a country barman. It was an easy way to rob a bank, almost a victimless crime. Or so he thought, until he pondered the question of conscience.

Shand told Mediaweek the bank involved was the National Australia Bank and the total amount of money that eventually went missing was $1.6m. After finally being arrested, the culprit was fined over $200,000 and did a year in prison. “It was the cheapest personal loan ever,” said Shand, adding, “if you don’t mind having to do time in prison.” The crook didn’t have to return all the illicit funds. “There was a distinct reluctance to recover the money,” said Shand.

The ATM crook has just been released and has returned to working behind a bar.

The two episodes will cover:

Part One. A barman-turned-bank robber contacts Adam as he tries to understand why no-one is chasing him. He has found a hole in the ATM network of a bank and has morphed into a big-spending high roller but ATM Boy wants his old life back.

Part Two. ATM Boy is on the horns of a dilemma. He can steal enough from the bank to last a lifetime. Life in a tropical hideout awaits but ATM Boy must summon the courage to abandon everything for a life of lies and deceit.

Listen to ATM Boy here from October 12.

The Australian’s podcast success: Audio engages new audience

The editor of The Australian, John Lehmann, spoke this week with Mediaweek about the success of The Teacher’s Pet podcast.

“Podcasting is a real opportunity for us. I would be lying if I didn’t say we are surprised that The Teacher’s Pet has now been downloaded over 22m times. There has never been a piece of content that has had more engagement across our business.

“It wasn’t master-planned. It was reporter Hedley Thomas having a fascination with this story that he had known about and read a little bit about over the years.

Hedley didn’t start off with a number of podcasts planned and ready to go. He started with one and had some ideas about a couple of others. What he realised after the first one, like a good newspaper story you get great feedback from readers and get tips coming in from people who know something about it.

“Hedley’s phone started to run hot and he had fresh content every week. Hopefully we will have some more episodes of The Teacher’s Pet in the weeks ahead.

For the future, podcasts are an opportunity for all newspapers. Newspapers are good at content and finding stories, telling them and then following up on those stories.

Lehmann noted that 60% of The Teacher’s Pet podcast’s [success] has been overseas. He said its podcast partner Whooshka has also let them know that 80% of the audience was female.

“Advertisers were reluctant initially to jump on board. There was a little bit of a feeling with some wondering if it would be good for their brands to be associated with true crime.

Katie Page at Harvey Norman could see the value in the story of this mystery about a mother who had left two young daughters behind and that it might touch the hearts of women. And she was right. This podcast has shown there is an opportunity for advertisers to engage with audiences.”

See also: Mediaweek Q&A: John Lehmann, Editor, The Australian

9Honey’s new Failing Fabulously podcast

Online women’s network 9Honey has launched a new podcast, hosted by Shelly Horton. Called Failing Fabulously, it features some of Australia’s most high-profile women, sharing their personal stories of failure and how they bounced back.

“I’m a Type A personality and that also means I’m a perfectionist and I worry excessively. So when I fail, which I do often, I fall to pieces or face-first into a tub of ice cream,” Horton said on 9Honey.

Horton has launched the podcast to help get over her fear of failing, convinced that some of Australia’s most high-profile women also want to share their personal and professional fails so that everyone can learn how to bounce back.

Podcast guests include comedian Julia Morris, who shares a professional stuff-up that cost her a lucrative commercial contract, and the queen of daytime TV, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, who explains why she doesn’t believe in failure.

60 Minutes reporter and co-host of Weekend Today Allison Langdon shares a parenting fail that will make all mums feel a little bit better about themselves.

The series also features Jessica Rowe, Natasha Exelby, Samantha Wills, Rosie Waterland and Deborah Knight.

New episodes of Failing Fabulously will be released every Wednesday.

Listen to Failing Fabulously here.’s new podcast series: My Father the Murderer

With Her in Mind Network (Whimn) is producing a new six-part podcast series My Father the Murderer, which launches on Sunday October 7 and follows journalist Nina Young’s very personal quest to uncover the truth about her family.

Now in her 30s, Young grew up with a family secret and didn’t discover the truth about her father until she was in her 20s.

Part true crime and part memoir, the podcast tackles the question of how well we really know ourselves and the people we love, as well as looking at the ripple effects of trauma that one violent act can create. The series is a rich storytelling experience that includes accompanying video, editorial and a custom website build.

Nina Young said this week: “I’ve known that I needed to tell this story since the moment I first discovered the truth about my father, but I didn’t know how, or when, I would be able to. It feels like the right time now, and a podcast feels like the perfect format. It has been incredibly confronting and at times scary, but it has also been very healing to create.”

The podcast was created and produced by an all-female team led by Young, host and producer of the series, along with experienced podcast producer Dewi Cook, producer Bek Day, and video producer Sinead Barrett. All creative, graphics and video were produced in-house by the News DNA team.

The My Father the Murderer podcast series is sponsored by Foxtel’s new drama series Mr Inbetween.

To listen and read more visit

OzPod conference releases guest list

Podcast storytellers, producers and innovators from Australia and around the globe join forces in Melbourne on Wednesday October 17 for the OzPod 2018 annual podcast conference, hosted by the ABC.

A list of the special guests has been released:

International speakers

Zack Reneau-Wedeen (Google Podcasts, product manager and co-founder)
Veronica Simmonds (CBC producer, Alone: A Love Story and Sleepover)
Julia Henderson (ESPN 30 for 30 producer, Bikram)

Local speakers include

Yumi Stynes (ABC Ladies, We Need To Talk)
Wendy Syfret (Vice Australia and New Zealand, Head of Editorial)
Patricia Karvelas (RN Drive, The Party Room)
Joanne Woo (VP, Communications for GE Australia, Decoding Genius)
Hedley Thomas (The Australian, The Teacher’s Pet)
Allan Clarke (ABC Unravel True Crime: Blood on the Tracks)

For news and ticketing information visit

NT News: ‘We are not just about funny front pages and crocs’

Many Australians know News Corp’s NT News for its quirky front pages. However, for the community in Northern Territory it has a reputation of being more than just that.

By Kruti Joshi

Therefore, being named Regional News Brand of the Year at 2018 News Media Awards means a “hell of a lot” to the team behind the masthead, according to editor Matt Williams. “We are quite a small team – we have about 28 full-time workers in the Darwin office – so it’s a big challenge to put out seven daily newspapers in the Northern Territory. To win the Regional News Brand of the Year was very special for us.

“We’ve had a pretty good year with the Save Our Children campaign that we did after the horrific rape of the two-year-old girl in Tennant Creek. We really got behind that cause, which has made a fair bit of change. There have been more child protection workers put on and more children have been taken out of their family homes as a result of what happened. The government also did a big review of the child protection strategy and found a few shortcomings.”

Being the only major newspaper in the state, the NT News feels more responsible to represent its community on multiple levels.

“We are a big advocate for our community and standing up for our readers. If we don’t see justice happening for the community, we will put it on the front page and put pressure on the government and any other organisation that deserves it,” Williams said.

“Everyone who lives outside the territory knows us for our quirky front pages, which is great. But everyone who lives within the territory really respects what we do. They can see that we are not just all about the funny front pages and crocodiles.

“You certainly feel a bit of pressure, because we have a lot of fans out there on social media. Like a professional sports person, you definitely feel like you have to deliver for your fans,” Williams said.

This is an excerpt from the full article, which appears on Mediaweek Premium. Read the full article here or subscribe to Mediaweek Premium here.

Simon Pristel quitting television to launch a comms business

Seven Melbourne director of news Simon Pristel (pictured) has resigned his position with Seven. Pristel is set to leave television at the end of the year to establish his own communications company.

A former editor of the Herald Sun, Pristel has led the news team for more than six years.

Seven noted he leaves after the Melbourne news team recorded 2% audience growth year-on-year in the past 12 months.

Pristel will continue in the role for the next three months to ensure a smooth transition to a new leadership team.

Seven network director of news and public affairs Craig McPherson said:

“Simon leaves Seven News Melbourne in great shape. Under his stewardship the news hour has undergone substantial change and seen impressive growth.

“His commitment, passion and leadership have set us up well for the future.

“I wish him nothing but success as he takes those traits into the business world.”

The managing director of Seven Melbourne Lewis Martin said: “Simon is a highly regarded newsman across the complex news gathering landscape.

“No one knows Melbourne, and what makes Melbourne tick, better than Simon.

“This knowledge and his passion for news are what sets him apart from the rest.

“He leaves Seven Melbourne with our respect and deep appreciation for a job well done.”

Pristel broke the news to his colleagues yesterday, later adding: “It has been a tremendous privilege leading the talented and passionate Seven News team.

“The newsroom is in great shape for the future and I look forward to working closely with Craig and Lewis to deliver a smooth transition to new leadership group.”

Traveller sets new record: 72-page bumper edition coming up

Fairfax Media’s Traveller will deliver the largest issue in its 11-year existence. The upcoming section will be in a full magazine format that is 72 pages thick and it will be circulated inside Fairfax’s Saturday newspapers on October 6.

It follows Asia and Europe-themed issues published earlier this year underlining Traveller’s position as Australia’s most-awarded print and online travel title.

The upcoming edition, which comes free with Fairfax’s The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, features a lavishly illustrated cover story, Dream Liner, by cruise writer Brian Johnston, in which he creates the world’s most perfect cruise ship.

Traveller editor Anthony Dennis said: This stunning, record-sized issue underscores Traveller’s leadership in innovative and award-winning Australian travel journalism across multiple platforms. The 72-page issue is likely to be at least 40 pages bigger than our competitor’s Saturday travel title – a remarkable achievement.

The cruise issue also takes Traveller’s longtime commitment to the cruise industry to yet another level. The special issue also coincides with the cruise industry’s Choose Cruise promotion that runs throughout October.

The bumper magazine issue follows the 2018 News Media Works Trust Study that found Fairfax’s products over-deliver in terms of influencing the research and purchase decision phase of readers planning holidays and luxury travel experiences, including cruising.

Michael Grenenger, group director for luxury and lifestyle at Fairfax Media, said: We know that readers are more engaged in topics they are passionate about like travel, and trusted print environments connecting readers to their passions are in high demand. A large number of The Herald readers are travel intenders who rely heavily on our products when looking for travel inspiration and when making significant purchasing decisions around their travel plans. Our special glossy Traveller editions are representative of the strength and quality of the Traveller brand in market. They are also a way to reward our loyal and engaged readers.

In recent months, the Traveller brand has grown its digital presence while also seeing a marked audience increase in print with demand, allowing for the production of premium glossy issues, which are highly sought after by advertisers.

Perth Radio Wrap Day 3: Latest numbers for Hit 92.9 and 6PR

Mediaweek editor James Manning examines the GFK Radio survey results for Hit 92.9 and 6PR.

By James Manning

Hit 92.9 Survey 6 shares: 10+ 10.8%, Breakfast 11.3%

Cumulative audience: 10+ 516,000, Breakfast 314,000

Surveys five and six were a good result in Perth with both the station and breakfast shares lifting higher into double figures. “It’s always good to be in double figures,” laughed Hit Network head of content Gemma Fordham, “especially as it is still a new breakfast show and to see it grow is very encouraging. The workday there is exceptionally strong and drive has had a steady result. It is always nerve-racking when you launch a new show because you are changing what the audience has been used to. The new breakfast show is sounding terrific.”

The new breakfast show is Heidi, Xavier and Ryan. The model again features two radio professionals and a footballer. Heidi Anderson was formerly with the station’s Heidi, Will and Woody breakfast show, Xavier Ellis is a former footballer with the West Coast Eagles and returning home to WA is Ryan Jon, formerly heard on Canberra breakfast and Hit Network weekend breakfast.

The station’s best 10+ share in the last three years has been 11.7% in mid-2017, while the best breakfast share in that time was 11.4%, which was attained once in 2016 and once again in 2017. The station is back very close to that mark in breakfast with 11.3% in the just-released survey six.

The breakfast team will be able to celebrate properly as they are off this week on a spring break.

6PR Survey 6 shares: 10+ 6.9%, Breakfast 10.1%

Cumulative audience: 10+ 161,000, Breakfast 106,000

There’s much to like about the all-local lineup at the Macquarie Media West Australian news talk station. Highest on the list is the breakfast show with Steve Mills and Basil Zempilas. The very busy Baz manages to keep up the pace of breakfast radio, Seven News Perth, Weekend Sunrise and Seven’s AFL around the country. Despite constant rumours he is moving east to take over Sunrise some time soon, Perth locals will be hoping they can keep their broadcaster.

The Millsy and Baz combo makes for great radio that covers a broad range of topics. This morning early chat included listener tips on where to get a good cup of tea in Perth through to an interview with rock journalist Stuart Coupe about his new book Roadies. The show also runs a very successful Rumour File every morning after 7am and showbiz reporter Peter Ford is a regular contributor.

The station’s best share is around 8% and it has peaked there at least once in each of the past three years. The best Steve and Baz number has been 11.1%, which is also what they had in surveys four and five this year. They slipped a little in survey six, down 1.0 to 10.1%.

Macquarie Media commercial director Perth Gordon Hill said after survey five: “We are particularly pleased with the continued strong engagement that our breakfast show has with our audience and grateful to the Perth audience for their support. We are committed to delivering more great radio content for our listeners.” 

TV Ratings Analysis: October 3

• Cash crunch at The Block as Norm and Jess turn to grass
• Penultimate episode of The Bachelor pushes audience above 800,000

By James Manning


Home and Away was again just over 600,000 for a second night after starting the week just over that mark on Monday.

Some TV guides listed Queen Of The World Part 2, but viewers were given an hour of Highway Patrol. Amongst the footage was a rather spectacular motorcycle crash. The hour of the ob doc did 582,000.

The first responders from 9-1-1 entertained an audience of 410,000 for the next hour.


After audiences close to 950,000 and then 850,000 earlier this week, the midweek episode of A Current Affair did 786,000. The episode started with a look at an epidemic of house fires in Forbes and Parkes.

Synthetic grass arrived for one of The Block’s penthouse apartments in a clever move by Norm and Jess to make it pet friendly. However, soon after the grass arrived, Scottie Cam turned up to talk about budget as their money seemed to have run out. The episode did 926,000.

The eight-part drama Bite Club finished last night on 505,000.


Madeleine West from Playing For Keeps was co-hosting on The Project. Topics after 7pm included the tampon tax and astronomy. The Wednesday episode was on 511,000.

The final three of The Bachelor became two in the penultimate episode. The Honey Badger even got to show off his body art skills as he painted a love scene on Brooke. It didn’t end well though with Nick noting: “She means so much for me, but I just can’t give her what she wants now.” With that, Brooke was up and off before Nick had time to hand out the roses. The episode pushed higher with 822,000 watching.

Episode three of Playing For Keeps was then on 466,000 after 452,000 last week.


Hard Quiz featured the usual mix of unusual interests ranging from comedy trio Tripod to Freemasonry. The Tom Gleeson-hosted quiz show did 646,000.

A comedy trio followed with Mad As Hell on 609,000, Back In Very Small Business on 274,000 and Black Comedy did 183,000.


Great British Railway Journeys did 203,000 at 7.30pm.

Food Safari Water was then on 139,000.

After launching with 236,000 on Tuesday, Go Back To Where You Came From Live backed up with 183,000 despite its poor lead-in.

ABC Seven Nine Ten SBS
ABC 12.0% 7 18.4% 9 21.1% TEN 15.5% SBS One 4.3%
ABC 2 2.7% 7TWO 3.1% GO! 3.3% ONE 3.5% VICELAND 1.4%
ABC ME 0.6% 7mate 2.7% GEM 2.7% ELEVEN 2.5% Food Net 1.0%
ABC NEWS 1.4% 7flix 1.9% 9Life 1.7% NITV 0.3%
TOTAL 16.7% 26.1% 28.8% 21.5% 6.9%
ABC Seven Affiliates Nine Affiliates Ten Affiliates SBS
ABC 10.3% 7 20.0% 9 18.1% WIN 12.0% SBS One 3.4%
ABC 2 3.3% 7TWO 3.9% GO! 4.7% ONE 4.3% VICELAND 1.6%
ABC ME 1.1% 7mate 3.1% GEM 5.1% ELEVEN 2.3% Food Net 1.2%
ABC NEWS 1.4% 7flix 1.3% 9Life 1.8% Sky News  on WIN 0.9% NITV 0.2%
TOTAL 16.1% 28.3% 29.7% 19.5% 6.4%


85.8% 14.2%


  1. Seven News Seven 1,023,000
  2. Seven News / Today Tonight Seven 998,000
  3. The Block – Nine 926,000
  4. Nine News 6:30 Nine 914,000
  5. Nine News Nine 901,000
  6. The Bachelor Australia Ten 822,000
  7. A Current Affair Nine 786,000
  8. ABC News ABC 737,000
  9. Hard Quiz ABC 646,000
  10. 7.30 ABC 634,000
  11. Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell S9 ABC 609,000
  12. Home And Away Seven 609,000
  13. The Chase Australia Seven 593,000
  14. Highway Patrol (R) Seven 582,000
  15. The Project 7pm Ten 511,000
  16. Bite Club Nine 505,000
  17. Hot Seat Nine 483,000
  18. Playing For Keeps Ten 466,000
  19. 9-1-1 Seven 410,000
  20. The Chase Australia-5pm Seven 387,000
Demo Top Fives

16-39 Top 5

  1. The Bachelor Australia Ten 359,000
  2. The Block – Nine 239,000
  3. Playing For Keeps Ten 192,000
  4. The Project 7pm Ten 172,000
  5. Nine News 6:30 Nine 137,000


18-49 Top 5

  1. The Bachelor Australia Ten 490,000
  2. The Block – Nine 386,000
  3. Playing For Keeps Ten 295,000
  4. The Project 7pm Ten 248,000
  5. Nine News 6:30 Nine 246,000


25-54 Top 5

  1. The Bachelor Australia Ten 465,000
  2. The Block – Nine 438,000
  3. Playing For Keeps Ten 301,000
  4. Nine News 6:30 Nine 300,000
  5. Seven News / Today Tonight Seven 287,000


WEDNESDAY Multichannel
  1. Rusty Rivets ABCKIDS/COMEDY 177,000
  2. Dot. ABCKIDS/COMEDY 176,000
  3. Peter Rabbit ABCKIDS/COMEDY 167,000
  4. Octonauts ABCKIDS/COMEDY 158,000
  5. Andy’s Wild Adventures ABCKIDS/COMEDY 156,000
  6. Wanda And The Alien PM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 154,000
  7. Peppa Pig PM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 153,000
  8. Little Roy PM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 152,000
  9. Hey Duggee PM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 143,000
  10. The Big Bang Theory   Tx3 9GO! 136,000
  11. Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom ABCKIDS/COMEDY 130,000
  12. The Big Bang Theory   Tx2 9GO! 129,000
  13. Sarah And Duck AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 128,000
  14. Play School AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 128,000
  15. Bluey AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 122,000
  16. Fireman Sam PM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 120,000
  17. Peppa Pig AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 119,000
  18. NCIS: Los Angeles Rpt ONE 119,000
  19. Shaun The Sheep ABCKIDS/COMEDY 117,000
  20. Neighbours ELEVEN 114,000
WEDNESDAY Subscription TV
  1. Gogglebox Australia LifeStyle Channel 184,000
  2. Love It Or List It Australia LifeStyle Channel 122,000
  3. Family Guy FOX8 49,000
  4. The Bolt Report Sky News Live 49,000
  5. Paul Murray Live Sky News Live 46,000
  6. Escape To The Chateau LifeStyle Channel 42,000
  7. NCIS TVH!TS 40,000
  8. Family Guy FOX8 40,000
  9. Credlin Sky News Live 38,000
  10. Kiva Can Do! Nick Jr. 38,000
  11. Criminal Minds TVH!TS 37,000
  12. Blaze And The Monster Machines Nick Jr. 37,000
  13. Curious George Nick Jr. 36,000
  14. Gogglebox Australia LifeStyle Chanel +2 36,000
  15. Paw Patrol Nick Jr. 35,000
  16. Shimmer And Shine Nick Jr. 35,000
  17. Top Wing Nick Jr. 33,000
  18. Peppa Pig Nick Jr. 33,000
  19. Paw Patrol Nick Jr. 33,000
  20. Paw Patrol Nick Jr. 33,000

Shares all people, 6pm-midnight, Overnight (Live and AsLive), Audience numbers FTA metro, Sub TV national
Source: OzTAM and Regional TAM 2018. The Data may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) without the prior written consent of OzTAM

Media News Roundup

Business of Media

Sparrow flies the coop: Greg Graham departs WPP after 30 years

After a long and glorious career in media agencies, the man who only answers to the nickname Sparrow is leaving his longtime employer WPP.

Greg Graham went to university in the 70s in Sydney, but it wasn’t long before he was climbing the media agency ladder, starting his career with many other agency all-stars at Leo Burnett Melbourne.

In making the announcement yesterday, the CEO of WPP AUNZ, Mike Connaghan, said: “Over the past 30 years Sparrow has made an incredible contribution to the group both with GroupM, and more recently working tirelessly as part of the WPP AUNZ leadership team to drive a cohesive marketing plan for the group.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Sparrow for his incredible long service and all that he has contributed over time.

“He will always be considered a great friend to the group, and to our agencies, and as such we hope to continue to work with him on special projects as required.”

Greg Graham said: “I’ve been very privileged to have had a 30+ year career ride with the WPP group.

“From a start at JWT Melbourne, launching Mindshare in Australia and then to Mindshare New York for seven years, and then back at GroupM locally, and most recently at WPP AUNZ, I hope to continue my involvement with the group in some capacity in the future, and I want to sincerely thank all my WPP AUNZ/GroupM colleagues and clients. It has been a real honour.”

Fake News: Kylie Minogue was set to play for the ABC for free

Kylie Minogue’s promoter has blasted a report that claimed the superstar was being paid $750,000 to promote the ABC, reports News Corp’s Cameron Adams.

Michael Gudinski said a Fairfax story today linking Minogue to an ABC advertising campaign is completely “unfactual”.

“To drag Australia’s greatest pop export into this further shows what a mess the ABC is in internally right now,” Gudinski said.

“It’s an absolute disgrace they’ve used Kylie’s name because of some internal politics and a document that must have gone around. I’m horrified.”

Gudinski, who has worked with Minogue for over 30 years, was in negotiations with the ABC about televising a Minogue concert to be held in Melbourne next year, similar to the Crowded House show in Sydney the ABC broadcast two years ago.

“We were having discussions with the ABC about a televised concert, which actually isn’t happening now as the timing didn’t work out. But there was never one single conversation about money. She was doing it for nothing. There was never a fee mentioned in any discussions we had about the show for the ABC. And there was never any talk of her being paid to do any promotion. Where they have got this figure of a $750,000 fee from I don’t know.”

An ABC spokesperson clarified the $750,000 figure was for production costs involved in staging and airing the concert, not a payment for Minogue to perform or to promote the network.

[Read the original]


Sarah Hanson-Young apologises to 2GB announcer after false accusation

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has been forced to apologise to broadcaster Ray Hadley after she confused him with his 2GB colleague Alan Jones, accusing Hadley of defending “ditch the witch” and “Bob Brown’s bitch” placards attacking then prime minister Julia Gillard in 2011, reports The Australian’s Rachel Baxendale.

Jones appeared in front of the placards to address an anti-carbon tax rally alongside then opposition leader Tony Abbott at the time.

During an interview on 3AW this week to promote her new book En Garde, calling out “rampant sexism” in politics, Senator Hanson-Young accused Hadley of reserving his “nastiest comments for women”. In the book she notes that Hadley has at various points called her a “dingbat”, “mad as a meat axe”, “silly as a cut snake”, a “dolt” and a “silly woman”.

Following a request from Hadley’s lawyers, Senator Hanson-Young issued an apology. “On Tuesday October 2, 2018, I was interviewed by 3AW host Neil Mitchell,” she said in a statement. “During the course of the interview I associated Ray Hadley with gender-based comments and slogans used on placards outside of Parliament in reference to former Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

“Mr Mitchell indicated on air that he thought I had confused Mr Hadley with another presenter. Mr Mitchell was correct. I regret the error, thank Mr Mitchell for bringing this to my attention and I apologise to Mr Hadley.”

[Read the original]

News Brands

Andrew Bolt: Kevin Rudd’s media rant can’t be taken seriously

Kevin Rudd is demanding an inquiry into media abuses. Hey, let’s start by investigating this failed prime minister’s own rotten journalism, comments News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt.

Rudd’s opinion piece calling for “a full royal commission into the abuse of media power in Australia” reveals not just his paranoia but weak grasp of facts.

Errors of fact, bias, conspiracy theories, cherry-picking and unsupported allegations – it’s all there. Spelling errors, too.

Rudd’s piece appeared in the sympathetic Sydney Morning Herald, long his favoured outlet for leaks, tips and exclusives.

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Digital strategy: UK daily moving more content behind its paywall

The Telegraph is to put most of its politics, business and rugby coverage behind its premium paywall, as the UK news brand dramatically cuts back on freely accessible content to drive its subscription strategy, reports The Guardian.

The publisher’s move is the latest stage of a digital strategy shift. The amount of Telegraph content moved into the Telegraph premium service, which charges readers from £2 a week, will rise from the low 20% mark to more than a third of the content by the end of the year.

Other changes designed to pull in more paying readers include greater focus on lifestyle, and some culture and money content likely to attract subscribers, with a rough target of about half of all stories from those sectors going into the Telegraph’s premium service.

Some travel content will also be part of the premium subscription service for the first time. About 15% of news, TV and film and technology coverage will also only be accessible to premium subscribers.

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The Guardian Weekly goes glossy: Wider Australian distribution

The Guardian is to relaunch its weekly newsprint edition as a news magazine and increase its distribution.

The publication has a circulation of about 42,000 worldwide, of which 32,000 are subscribers and about 10,000 newsstand sales.

As part of the relaunch, the magazine will be available on more newsstands in Australia and at more than 120 WHSmith stores in British railway stations and airports. It will continue to be sold by a number of independent retailers in the US.

“The new-look Guardian Weekly has been beautifully redesigned as a modern weekly news magazine to meet the growing demand for Guardian journalism across the world,” said Katharine Viner, the editor-in-chief of Guardian News and Media.

“It will continue to offer the best reporting, opinion and features from the Guardian, Observer, and our international editions in the US and Australia, giving our readers more ways to engage with and support Guardian journalism.”


Bauer Media celebrates tampon tax abolition after extensive campaign

Australia’s biggest magazine publisher for women, Bauer Media, has welcomed the decision today by the state, territory and federal governments to remove the GST on women’s sanitary products, including tampons.

Nicole Byers, editor-in-chief of The Australian Women’s Weekly said the reform comes after 18 years of campaigning by many thousands of women and organisations across the country and follows a concerted campaign by Bauer Media over the past three months.

“This is a great win for women,” Byers said.

“Bauer has been the latest of many to push for the tax to be removed – this has been a hard-earned win for a reform that should have happened decades ago.

“We have played our part – in the last three or so months all our publications including The Australian Woman’s Weekly, Elle, Cosmopolitan and our Trader titles, which are read by around 9 million people, have pushed for the change.

General manager of Bauer Media’s Story54, Jane Waterhouse, said: “What is now clear is that it is very hard for any political party, particularly the Government, to ignore the voice of women when it is being backed by a strong, committed and coordinated media campaign, particular one that can reach 9 million voters directly affected by this sort of policy.

“What this change has proven is that when women come together behind an issue, and when the right sort of pressure is put on at the right time, governments will take notice.”

Since August, Bauer’s 36 magazine brands have been running a “No Gender Selective Tax” campaign in support of removing the GST on tampons. This has involved editorial and advertising content across all major brands as well as an influencer campaign across social media. Consumers were asked to sign a petition at

The campaign has also involved direct representation to the senior federal and state government leaders as well all MPs nationwide.

Byers said Bauer will continue to fight and campaign for women’s issues that often don’t get enough attention in the media.


European Parliament approves Netflix content quota: 30% local now law

The European Parliament has approved new regulations for online streaming services, imposing a quota for homegrown productions on Netflix and others, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The guidelines will require that at least 30% of content carried on streaming services operating in the European Union originates from the region. On-demand platforms are also being asked to contribute to the development of European films and TV series, either by directly investing in content or by contributing to national subsidies.

The updated directive, which applies to local and pan-European broadcasters as well as SVOD players and the likes of Facebook and YouTube, also calls for increased protection of children “from violence, hatred, terrorism and harmful advertising” on streaming platforms.

Netflix and Amazon, anticipating the legal shift, have already made moves to increase their local production in Europe. Amazon this week unveiled a new slate of European programs, while Netflix has rolled out plans for new production hubs in France and Spain.

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Foxtel’s [V] launches UNCO[V]ERED to find fresh music superstars

From Saturday October 6 at 12noon, Foxtel music brand [V] will continue its tradition of showcasing the best emerging talent from Australia and beyond with the launch of UNCO[V]ERED – an artist-focused initiative aimed at flaunting a new generation of music superstars, freshly picked every week courtesy of [V]’s expert curators.

For decades, [V] has discovered and supported emerging artists from around the country and across the globe. At the beginning of many careers [V] has championed and helped break superstar acts including 5 Seconds Of Summer, Delta Goodrem and The Veronicas, while [V]’s Guerrilla Gigs debuted acts like Ed Sheeran in Australia and was the first music channel to support his video.

During its primetime weekend slot, UNCO[V]ERED will unveil a new video from an upcoming artist and offer monumental support through high rotation on [V], plus a ton of online support across [V]’s website and socials, increasing both audience reach and credibility.

Fraser Stark, group general manager of Foxtel’s entertainment and music channels, said: “We know that the [V] audience values fast access to today’s hottest artists and UNCO[V]ERED will deliver, every week, something new and fresh and soon-to-be hot. The superstars of tomorrow start here.”

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Why Seven’s The Front Bar won’t be producing cricket episodes

The Front Bar has been a ratings bonanza with the trio of Mick Molloy, Sam Pang and Andy Maher smashing The Footy Show into submission… and almost death, reports News Corp’s Scott Gullan.

Given how well the format works, switching the content to cricket was a no-brainer with plenty of great cricket legends having stories to tell behind the bar.

Unfortunately, this idea didn’t get too far past first base before it hit a sponsorship snag.

As we know the program’s main sponsor is Carlton Draught and it certainly gets value for the money with the hosts drinking some of the company’s finest drop throughout each episode.

The issue here is that Cricket Australia last year swapped breweries, switching from CUB to Lion, the maker of XXXX Gold.

In good news for Front Bar fans a special one-off racing edition of the show is planned for the coming weeks.

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