Looking back at 2015: 6PR host Adam Shand

6PR drive host Adam Shand talks about the highlights and lowlights of 2015 and what he is looking forward to in 2016

Drive Host, 6PR

2015 Highlight

The highlight of 2015 was getting to know the vibrant, engaged and challenging 6PR audience in Perth and surviving the experience.

2015 Lowlight

Dealing with divisive community debates over the questions of race and religion.

Story of the year

So many important local stories, particularly where we got to help people in distress or difficulty. Our story about a woman being charged over slapping her child in a shopping centre carpark went national and resonated with our audience.

Most notable trend?

The resilience of the local talkback radio model. As mainstream media struggles to compete with online media, radio continues to deliver timely and interactive news content. Its advantage in covering local yarns gives radio a long and exciting future.

What are you excited about for 2016?

Re-engaging with the audience now that I can (mostly) pronounce the names of their suburbs and I better understand their concerns.
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