Week 39 TV: Nine ranks #1 primary and network share

The Block

• Seven’s best again was All New Monty on Sunday.

Nine manages the double this week – #1 primary channel and #1 network. Driving the result was a good week for The Block off the back of publicity about the site shutdown for Covid-19. If only the real lockdowns lasted as long at the TV one. The Sunday episode was close to 1m, Monday close to 900,000 and Tuesday close to 800,000. By Wednesday that audience became 700,000 – still enough to win the timeslot each night it was on.

Seven’s best again was All New Monty on Sunday. A rare Monday night AFL did well on 605,000 but it was then Friday for the next best with Better Homes and Gardens getting a run on the primary channel on a footy-free Friday with 546,000 watching.

10’s primary share slipped despite a solid performance from the season finale of The Bachelor on Thursday. The dating format, Have You Been Paying Attention? and Gogglebox were the three programs able to crack half a million across the week.

Nine Week 39

Primary share: 20.0% (19.2%)
Network share: 28.8% (27.6)%
Multichannels: GO! 2.6% (2.7%) Gem 2.6% (2.2%) 9Life 2.3% (2.3%) 9Rush 1.3% (1.1%)

The Block was the key to a win this week. Nine was also able to enjoy better Thursday and Friday shares where NRL was the only live FTA sport with the AFL having a week off before the finals.

The improved network share came in part from a good lift at Gem.

Seven Week 39

Primary share: 18.5% (17.6%)
Network share: 27.9% (27.4%)
Multichannels: 7TWO 3.5% (3.7%) 7mate 3.6% (3.9%) 7flix 2.3% (2.2%)

The All New Monty had audiences of 805,000 and 758,000 on its second Sunday.

It did a lot better than Plate of Origin which wrapped up in a Tuesday marathon with 348,000 watching the semi-final and then 335,000 watching the final.

ABC Week 39

Primary share: 13.8% (13.7%)
Network share: 18.4% (18.1%)
Multichannels: Kids/Comedy 2.6% (2.6%) ME 0.4% (0.4%) News 1.5% (1.4%)

All ABC 7pm news bulletins averaged over 700,000. Also in that ballpark was Hard Quiz on 726,000.
Over 600,000 was the Todd Sampson episode of Brush with Fame.
Not too far below 600,000 were 7.30, Australian Story, Father Brown and Mad as Hell.

10 Week 39

Primary share 10.9% (11.2%)
Network share: 16.8% (17.1%)
Multichannels: Bold 3.7% (3.7%) Peach 2.3% (2.2%)

10 had four shows in the top 10 spots under 50, 16 to 39 and 25 to 54, and five of the top 10 in 18 to 49 – including the top spot 16 to 39. Those shows were The Bachelor Australia Grand Finale – The Final Decision and Grand Finale, The Bachelor Australia Wednesday and Gogglebox.

On Thursday night, 1.11 million people tuned in to see Locky chose Irena in The Bachelor Australia Grand Finale – The Final Decision making it #1 16 to 39 across the week and 10 Play’s biggest livestream event of the year.

10 Bold was the #1 multichannel of the week. Next week we will have the first weekly share for 10’s third multichannel 10 Shake which launched on Sunday.

SBS Week 39

Primary share: 5.1% (6.7%)
Network share: 8.1% (9.7%)
Multichannels: Viceland 1.3% (1.4%) Food 0.9% (0.7%) NITV 0.1% (0.1%) World Movies 0.7% (0.8%)

The World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys pushed close to 400,000 and close to the top 50 for the week with the series final episode travelling across the South Island of New Zealand.
Next best was the new series of Every Family Has a Secret on 286,000.

* Figures in brackets are Week 38 shares.

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