Week 22 TV: The Voice and The Footy secure victory for Nine

• Seven News was again the top-ranking bulletin across seven nights.

Nine’s leadership in primary and network shares comes off the back of three episodes of The Voice which started the week and was then backed up with returning round 3 matches from the NRL on Thursday and Friday.

Seven Week 22

Seven News was again the top-ranking bulletin across seven nights.
The channel’s next best was House Rules: High Stakes ranking #23 for the week with 673,000 and then The Chase at 5.30pm with 655,000.
Better Homes and Gardens was a timeslot winner on Friday as The Living Room revs up for a return on 10 making it three lifestyle shows competing head-to-head at 7.30pm Friday.
Sunrise was a breakfast winner too on 290,000, well ahead of Today on 203,000.

Primary all people 17.2% (Last week 17.7%)
Network all people 25.7% (25.8%)
Multichannels 7mate 3.3% (2.8%) 7TWO 3.2% (3.2%) 7flix 2.0% (2.1%)

Nine Week 22

The arrival of The Voice has had bigger launches, but it managed to win the all people timeslot each night. The series launched with 1.012m on Sunday and then did 951,000 Monday before lifting to 987,000 Tuesday.
A Current Affair lifted week-on-week to 767,000.
The returning NRL did strong numbers with 640,000 Thursday and 493,000 Friday.
No adjustment of the 60 Minutes overnight audience this week with the Kyle and Jackie O episode one the strongest in recent weeks with 697,000.

Primary all people 20.7% (Last week 19.3%)
Network all people 28.8% (27.6%)
Multichannels Gem 2.7% (2.6%), GO! 2.4% (2.6%), 9Life 2.1% (2.0%), 9Rush 1.0% (1.0%)

10 Week 22

The primary channel ranked #2 channel in under 50s and 25 to 54s, #1 in 16 to 39s and 18 to 49s. The combined channel network share ranked #2 network in under 50s, 25 to 54s and 18 to 49s, #1 in 16 to 39s.
MasterChef was a winner all people and key demos on Wednesday and Thursday while the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday episodes were #1 under 50 and in key demos.
Also finding a place in the top 20 for the week was Have You Been Paying Attention? with 816,000.
The Project 7pm was on 559,000 which is down from 600,000 week-on-week.
Going out with its biggest audience of the series was The Secrets She Keeps with 548,000.
10 Bold was again the #1 multichannel with 4.2%.

Primary all people 14.3% (Last week 14.4%)
Network all people 20.3% (20.6%)
Multichannels 10 Bold 3.7% (4.0%), 10 Peach 2.2% (2.2%)

ABC Week 22

As some news audience pull back as the COVID-19 danger decreases, none of the ABC News bulletins averaged 800,000 this week after they have all been hitting that mark for a few weeks.
Next best for the week all came on Monday night as Four Corners did 655,000 and Australian Story was close by on 653,000 while Media Watch was next best on 599,000.
A memorable series climax for Mystery Road with 583,000 watching.

Primary all people 12.2% (Last week 13.0%)
Network all people 16.8% (17.7%)
Multichannels Kids/Comedy 2.5% (2.5%), News 1.6% (1.6%), ME 0.5% (0.6%)

SBS Week 22

The Bert Newton episode of Who Do You Think You Are? was again easily the channel’s most-watched on 364,000, albeit down on 416,000 watching Lisa Wilkinson in week 21.
A repeat of London: 2,000 Years of History did 282,000.

Primary all people 4.6% (Last week 5.0%)
Network all people 8.4% (8.3%)
Multichannels Viceland 1.4% (1.3%), Food 1.0% (1.0%), World Movies 1.1% (0.9%), NITV 0.2% (0.2%)

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