TV ratings October 26: The Block ‘Hell Week’ ends as Brighton houses completed

The Block

• SAS Australia recruits surrender top spot to the Blockheads

• The Block ‘Hell Week’ ends as Brighton houses completed
• SAS Australia recruits surrender top spot to the Blockheads

Primetime News
Seven News 1,081,000/1,051,000
Nine News 990,000,1,016,000
ABC News 758,000
10 News First 377,000/239,000
SBS World News 191,000

Daily current affairs
A Current Affair 816,000
7.30 704,000
The Project 333,000/563,000
The Drum 185,000

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 241,000
Today 203,000
News Breakfast 186,000

Late night news
ABC News Late 238,000
The Latest 176,000
Nine News Late 132,000
SBS World News Late 57,000

Monday TV

Seven: Home and Away started on 582,000 after an average of 522,000 last week.

Episode three of SAS Australia was up against what would have been a Sunday night episode of The Block, unavoidable this week with the NRL pushing the reveal episode to Monday this week. The recruits were again pushed to the limit in an abandoned abattoir, but it didn’t get tough enough for anyone to withdraw – that happens tonight! For the first time SAS was outrated by The Block. SAS was on 770,000 after audiences of 834,000 and 795,000 last week.

Two episodes of The Rookie followed on 291,000 and 261,000. 

Nine: A Current Affair started the week with reports on cruise ship refunds and Australian companies looking to hire staff. After an average of 694,000 last week, Monday was on 816,000, the best audience since the last week of August.

The houses are now finished on The Block. Still to be ticked off though are the front yards, back yards and the studio additions at the rear.

In the lead up to the finish of Hell Week, George and his builder Corey were trying to sort out a problem with the stairs. It got serious enough for Corey to ask for the cameras to be turned off! Blockheads from last season were still on hand to help and every couple said they wouldn’t have made it without the extra assistance. The judges arrived first again at Harry and Tash’s and seemed initially impressed. A real dog in a kennel in the laundry from George and Sarah impressed the judges. The judges were blown away by the light fitting in Jimmy and Tam’s entrance hall and the powder room and laundry got ticks too. But it came down to a shoot-out between Jimmy and Tam and Luke and Jasmin. Darren Palmer handed out three scores of 9.5, Shaynna gave two scores of 9.5, with Jimmy and Tam using their bonus point. To decide the winner, Neale Whitaker handed out only one 9.5 to Luke and Jasmin, but they narrowly lost because of the bonus point. They weren’t happy and an upset Jasmin checked out of Block HQ pretty quickly.

The Monday reveal audience was 981,000/975,000 and compares to last week’s 1,008,000/1,079,000. This week on The Block it is front yards and facades.

RBT then again went to air in the 9pm slot and was on 365,000.

10: Celebrities on offer on The Project were actor Eric Bana and singer Sam Smith. 7pm was on 563,000 last night after an average of 458,000 last week.

With no episode last night, it was Monday mystery box night on Junior MasterChef. The challenge was set by the winner of this year’s MasterChef Australia: Back to Win Emilia Jackson. The episode was on 447,000 after 454,000 a week ago.

Have You Been Paying Attention? had no Ed, so this week four guests joined SamUrzila Carlson, Lloyd Langford, Ash London and Tim McDonald. Ratings dipped to 612,000 after 735,000 on Monday last week. Good news is Ed returns next week.

Drunk History Australia then did 213,000 with guest parts for Les Hill, Costa Georgiadis and Grant Denyer amongst others.

ABC: Australian Story featured nine-year-old Quaden and how he and his mum are triumphing over social media trolls. The episode was on 616,000.

Four Corners seemed almost hopeful with the name of the episode from reporter Michael Brissenden – The end for Trump? The show did 686,000 after 472,000 a week ago. Trump is a buzzword for better ratings in the lead-up to the US election now just a week away.

Media Watch followed on 644,000 and then on Q+A Hamish Macdonald was asking how can we achieve a more ethical Australia for his audience of 375,000.

SBS: Agricultural barns were transformed during the Irish restoration on The Great House Revival with 143,000 watching.

Monday night staple 24 Hours in Emergency followed with 139,000.

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