TV ratings October 13: Junior MasterChef continues to climb

• Nine #1 with The Block then Liz Hayes on Maddie McCann mystery

• Nine #1 with The Block then Liz Hayes on Maddie McCann mystery
• 10 simmers: Junior MasterChef climbs for second consecutive night
• Brush with Fame wraps with Anh Do portrait of Michelle Payne

Primetime News
Seven News 957,000/942,000
Nine News 874,000/896,000
ABC News 701,000
10 News First 310,000/212,000
SBS World News 170,000

Daily current affairs
A Current Affair 752,000
7.30 571,000
The Project 321,000/481,000
The Drum 182,000

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 250,000
Today 224,000
News Breakfast 196,000

Late night news
The Latest 93,000
Nine News Late 76,000
World News Late 60,000
ABC Late News 54,000

Tuesday TV

Seven: Home and Away started the week with 544,000 and drifted higher to 553,000 last night.

Seven then went with another CJZ production, a repeat of Jimmy Barnes: Working Class Boy from 2018 which had an audience of 268,000.

Nine: A Current Affair sat on 748,000 on Monday and had 752,000 watching last night.

Nice bit of cross-promotion on The Block last night with an appearance from Brickman from Lego Masters. During a Lego challenge he was overseeing he and Scott Cam dialled in Hamish Blake via video to meet the Blockheads. The Tuesday episode was on 837,000, down from 898,000 last week.

Liz Hayes was then getting ready for her primetime series Under Investigation next year. She hosted a special 60 Minutes event called Maddie the Monster about the continuing mystery surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann 13 years ago. The program did 320,000 in second place behind Big Weather after Junior MasterChef ended.

10: Junior MasterChef Australia had its first elimination challenge which started with a blindfold taste test. Tiny chefs Ryan, Porsha and Etka departed the show. After two nights of 524,000 and then 546,000, episode three crept higher again with 576,000.

An Ambulance Australia repeat then did 301,000.

ABC: The series final of the 10-episode season five of Anh’s Brush with Fame featured the first woman to win the Melbourne Cup, Michelle Payne. An audience of 619,000 watched Anh’s interrogation during the sitting.

The first episode of the three-part Big Weather featured host Craig Reucassel looking at last summer’s build up to the bushfire crisis and some of the aftermath. The launch episode did 469,000, winning its timeslot after Junior MasterChef finished.

SBS: A repeat season of the first season of Every Family Has a Secret has followed the three-episode second season which wrapped a week ago. Watching Angela Hamilton and actor David Field trace their family trees was an audience of 195,000.

Janice Petersen hosted Dateline and spoke to people who had experienced short-term fame with 178,000 watching.

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