TV Ratings November 3: Final week Block blow-up pulls 1.1m+

• Total Control a Sunday must-watch for many as its grabs top 5 spot

Sunday Week 45 2019

• Final week Block blow-up pulls 1.1m+: Another Nine Sunday win

• Seven News 919,000
• Nine News 842,000
• ABC News 653,000
• The Project 208,000/340,000
• Insiders 321,000
• 10 News First 210,000
• Offsiders 140,000
• SBS World News 134,000

Breakfast TV

• Sunrise 245,000
• Today 156,000


Seven News was the 6pm slot winner with an audience just over 900,000, close to last week’s 901,000.

Bride & Prejudice seems to have a lot of episodes this season. The show did 422,000 to start the week. Twice last week the program made it to 460,000.

Sunday Night then did 382,000 after 377,000 a week ago. The stories included a look at Jason Donovan and also revisited the Thai cave rescue and the Australian doctors involved.


The primary channel has only lost one of the past 15 Sundays.

The race to get The Block properties finished in time for the impending auction created friction last night with Mitch and Mark downing tools at one stage, claiming they were about to quit the series. The first night of the last week of the show had an audience of 1.131m which was the show’s best in three weeks.

60 Minutes then did 529,000 after 589,000 last week. Karl Stefanovic was reporting on TV ratings, not here, but in Brazil where gruesome crime stories were orchestrated to grow TV audiences.


The Sunday Project featured a fascinating interview Waleed Aly had with UK House of Commons speaker John Bercow. Singer Shannon Noll was also on the show with 340,000 watching after 7pm.

The Graham Norton Show then did 318,000 with one of its best episodes this year with a guest list featuring Dame Julie Andrews, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Anniston and Sir Ian McKellen.

New NCIS then did 280,000.


Total Control is doing great business for the channel with 558,000 last night which ranked the episode #5 for the night. The metro numbers from last week’s episode grew from 495,000 to 679,000 in Consolidated 7 data, an increase of 184,000.

Earlier in the night Grand Designs: The Street did 489,000 to rank #2 in the timeslot behind only The Block.


Secrets of the Railway again proved the audience’s fascination with rail travel. Although this was historical with a look at an abandoned railway, the show still found a home in the top 20 with 212,000.

Lost World: Deep into the Black Sea then did 187,000.

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