TV ratings November 23: The Block ratings climb as do Brighton house values

The Block

• Final week of survey starts with Nine win ahead of final survey battles

• Sky high! The Block ratings climb as do Brighton house values
• Final week of survey starts with Nine win ahead of final survey battles

Primetime News
Nine News 979,000
Seven News 925,000
ABC News 608,000
10 News First 257,000/207,000
SBS World News 174,000

Daily current affairs
Insiders 413,000
The Project 270,000/325,000

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 207,000
Today 201,000
News Breakfast 164,000

Late Night News
Nine News Late 436,000

Sunday TV 

Seven: Beat The Chasers followed the news with 583,000 after 630,000 a week ago.

Crime Investigation Australia looked at the murder of Anita Cobby with 244,000 watching.

Nine: Viewers of the final episode of The Block for 2020 were as shocked as the Blockheads last night as bidding took off at a furious pace. Only one property failed to make the contestants a profit of half a million and even the house renovated by David and Jade didn’t miss that by much. The five properties sold for a combined $20m with three of the properties selling for over $4m and the other two just under that mark. The total profit for the contestants was $3,332,002 with winners Jimmy and Tam taking away $1,066,000.

The Block Auctions (in order of sale)

Luke and Jasmine

Reserve: $3,350,000
Sale price: $3,856,000
Profit: $506,000

Jimmy and Tam

Reserve: $3,290,000
Sale price: $4,256,000
Profit: 1,066,000 (inc $100,000 for the highest profit)

George and Sarah

Reserve: $3,350,000
Sale price: $4,000,0002
Profit: $650,002

David and Jade

Reserve: $3,340,000
Sale price: $3,800,000
Profit: $460,000

Harry and Tash

Reserve: $3,350,000
Sale price: $4,000,000
Profit: $650,000

The ratings took Nine over the top with the episode starting on 1,428,000 and then climbing to 1,792,000 for the reveal of the winner. The properties last year were sold in Week 46 of survey with a slightly higher audience – 1,538,000 and 1,919,000.

On the final 60 Minutes in survey this year, Sarah Abo reported on 13 Australians snatched of flights in Qatar recently and questioned by authorities. The audience of 841,000 would be one of the biggest of the year if it is not later time corrected.

10: The Sunday Project featured an interview with Nigella Lawson with 325,000 watching the program after 7pm.

Lawson was then also one of the guests on a busy Graham Norton Show with 269,000 watching.

An episode of FBI then did 214,000.

ABC: The renovation of a derelict Queenslander featured on Restoration Australia with 485,000 watching up against the final of The Block.

The final episode of the all-too-short Roadkill then was on 375,000.

SBS: Lost Treasures of the Maya took the 7.30pm slot with 151,000 watching. The audience then grew to 203,000 for Pompeii: After the Eruption at 8.30pm.

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