TV Ratings May 12: MasterChef gets 999k as Amina is sent home

• Dessert specialist Darren Purchese was creating havoc for MasterChef contestants

• What happened to Tuesday primetime? Repeats and TMZ doco
• Seven claim another all people win, 10 takes key demos + under 50

Seven News 1,232,000/1,172,000
Nine News 1,115,000/1,060,000
ABC News 861,000
A Current Affair 771,000
7.30 645,000
The Project 392,000/636,000
10 News 449,000/315,000
Sunrise 321,000
The Drum 264,000
News Breakfast 236,000
The Latest 226,000
Today 213,000
SBS World News 195,000
Nine News Late 112,000

Nine: Hamish & Andy’s Perfect Holiday remains stuck under 350,000 with 337,000 for the repeat series that is helping Nine manage its primetime properties. The move has cost Nine another ratings win, with the channel #3 for a third consecutive Tuesday.
The 2004 movie 50 First Dates then did 187,000.

Seven: The channel was also managing its primetime load this week, going with a TMZ doco on Tiger King at 7.30. But get this – it didn’t do too badly with 498,000. That is just as well or slightly better than the Tuesday ep of House Rules did on three of the previous four weeks.
Two eps of First Dates Australia were then unloaded with audiences of 341,000 and 252,000.

10: Dessert specialist Darren Purchese was creating havoc for the contestants during an elimination challenge on MasterChef. The judges created an even bigger panic though when halfway through the cook they took away the recipe that Purchese had provided as the Tuesday Twist. The three up for elimination after all the dishes had been tasted were Amina, Poh and Hayden. Amina was ultimately sent home as the other two continue to live dangerously. The Tuesday audience was 1,000,000 after 1,024,000 a week ago.
The Project ended with 636,000 watching fart gags from Lisa McCune as she promoted the Tuesday episode of How to Stay Married.
The Pete Helliar and McCune sitcom did 439,000 later in the night after launching on 427,000 a week ago. The TV encore screenings last week brought in an extra 456,000.

ABC: Foreign Correspondent followed 7.30 with 405,000.
Catalyst reported on building greener cities with 355,000 watching.

SBS: Great Canadian Railway Journeys then did 308,000 making it four consecutive weeks as the channel’s #1 for the week with an audience over 300,000.
Insight then did 173,000.

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