TV Ratings June 16: The Voice keeps Nine #1 with 1.09m

• Heston arrives for Sweet Week on 10’s MasterChef

Sunday Week 25 2019

• The Voice and Nine News keep Nine #1 on Sunday
• Seven’s House Rules teams rebuilding for heartbroken family
• Heston arrives for Sweet Week on 10’s MasterChef

• Nine News 1,091,000
• Seven News 1,081,000
• ABC News 677,000
• 60 Minutes 669,000
• Sunday Night 540,000
• Insiders 285,000
• 10 News First 266,000
• The Project 256,000/411,000
• Landline 237,000
• Offsiders 184,000
• SBS World News 133,000

Breakfast TV

• Sunrise 273,000
• Today 181,000


House Rules host Johanna Griggs welcomed teams to Campbelltown, Western Sydney to work on a rebuild of Graeme and Mary’s house. The blended family of six told of their heartbreak when their family home burnt to the ground in November last year leaving them separated. With a young family to look after and money tight, they didn’t have insurance and lost everything in the fire. With a broken family whose only wish is to be together, this seven-day build provided the greatest motivation for teams. Graeme said through tears: “When you’ve got nothing, you live every day not knowing and when you get that glimmer of hope, its life-changing.” Mary added: “It will bring an entire family together.”  Andy, a firefighter declared: “This is the best thing I’ve ever been able to do for anyone.” The Sunday episode was on 723,000 after 679,000 a week ago.

Sunday Night then did 540,000.


Nine News was a winner at 6pm with 1.091m across the hour.

The Voice then did 1.093m followed by 60 Minutes on 669,000.

Suburban Gangsters featured Australia’s most notorious gamblers George Freeman and Mick Sayers and attracted an audience of 264,000.


Hamish Macdonald was reporting live from the streets of Hong Kong early in the program and then Tommy Little was the star attraction on The Project, reporting from London on his Hit Network Spice Girls trip. The show did 411,000 after 7pm.

Heston Blumenthal time on MasterChef as he arrived for the start of Sweet Week. The episode did 605,000 after 489,000 last week.


Crime dramas from different parts of the world entertained audiences again after the news.

Shetland was on 512,000 followed by Harrow with 501,000.


Part one of The Rise Of The Clans with Neil Oliver did 163,000.

A repeat of Vitamania then did 138,000.

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