TV Ratings June 1: The Voice keeps a narrow lead over MasterChef

• House Rules: High Stakes eliminates two teams, reveals top four

• The Voice keeps a narrow lead over MasterChef at 7.30pm
• House Rules: High Stakes eliminates two teams, reveals top four

Seven News 1,255,000/1,157,000
Nine News 1,240,000/1,190,000
A Current Affair 859,000
ABC News 803,000
7.30 658,000
The Project 408,000/652,000
10 News 470,000/326,000
Sunrise 263,000
The Drum 246,000
Today 234,000
The Latest 232,000
News Breakfast 213,000
SBS World News 199,000

Seven: Home and Away started a new week on 683,000 after an average audience last week of 596,000.
Tough night for some on House Rules: High Stakes as the number of teams dropped from six to four as they compete tonight on a life-changing charity renovation. After two episodes averaged close to 600,000 on Sunday, the Monday ep did 597,000.
US drama 9-1-1 followed on 363,000.

Nine: A Current Affair began its week on 859,000 after a stronger average of 767,000 last week.
The Voice saw things get more than a little heated as the coaches pitched to attract singers to their various teams. There was another handful of great performances last night as the Blind Auditions continued. The Monday ep was on 958,000 after 951,000 last week.
Part 1 of Whitney: Can I Be Me? followed with 402,000 watching.

10: The Project featured a short interview with eliminated MasterChef cook Jess. The show’s weeknight run started on 652,000 after a week 22 average of 559,000.
Heats week on MasterChef with small groups cooking against each other for an advantage when it comes to a cook off for immunity. Reynold and Callum progressed to round two as Brendan was guaranteed a spot in this week’s elimination cook. Callum was full of confidence as he faced off against Reynold and he pulled off a win. The episode did 934,000 after 929,000 a week ago.
Have You Been Paying Attention? had panellists across Australia and New Zealand with celebrity questions from all around the world. After 816,000 last week the show did 812,000 last night.
The second episode of Kinne Tonight was on 338,000 after launching on 380,000.

ABC: One of the channel’s strongest two nights of the week (Saturday is the other) had a share of 14.0%.
Australian Story reminded viewers of the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918 when up to 15,000 lives were claimed in Australia. The program was on 715,000 after 653,000 last week.
Four Corners featured a German TV report on North Korea’s Bureau 39, called Kim’s cash machine with 627,000 tuning in.
Media Watch examined the recent News Corp Australia cutbacks and their impact with 561,000 watching.
Q+A discussed Australia’s energy future with 338,000 after 299,000 a week ago.

SBS: The final episode of Secrets of the Royal did 137,000.
Another show featuring the busy Dr Michael Mosley, The Great British Intelligence Test, followed with 94,000.

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