Ten tips from the TV #YearOnTwitter

Tony Broderick, Head of TV Partnerships of Twitter Australia delivers the tips that keep key TV brands popular on Twitter.

By Tony Broderick, Head of TV Partnerships, Twitter Australia

Once again, TV has been at the heart of Australia’s #YearOnTwitter with three massive TV events — #QandA, #MKR, and #Eurovision — dominating the local fastest-rising Twitter hashtag trends. In fact, if you look across the top 10, you’ll notice nearly all these events are televised, whether it’s breaking news or a big sports final.

As part of our #YearOnTwitter analysis, we took a deep dive into the top 10 trending Australian TV shows. Regardless of the show, network, or genre, the conversation around our favourite TV continues to grow with shows like #QandA, #MKR, and #TheBlock continuing to dominate and new high-risers such as #ImACelebrityAU, #4Corners and #BacheloretteAU.

So how did they do it?

We’ve examined the top 10 TV shows and want to share best practices each one is doing to help make them successful:

10. Wide World of Sports (#WWOS)

Tweet stats and trivia from your show in graphic format to create instant shareable content for fans.


9. The Bachelorette (#BacheloretteAU)

Ensure you make the most of your finale moments by having exclusive video from the shows stars that recaps what’s happened since the series finished recording.


8. I’m A Celebrity…  (#ImACelebrityAU)

Introduce real-time Twitter voting to allow celebrities and influencers to rally support around their favourite contestant.


7. Four Corners  (#4Corners)

Tweet graphics of pull quotes from your show to emphasise the biggest talking points from the episode in a format that is instantly shareable.


6. The Block  (#TheBlock)Don’t just broadcast, engage with your audience! Encourage discussion by asking your audience questions as they live-Tweet your show.


5. The Bachelor  (#BachelorAU)

Have your cast host Periscope Q&As during broadcast to bring a live feel to pre-recorded shows such as @OsherGunsberg’s #OsherScopes.


 4. MasterChefAU  (#ImACelebrityAU)

Don’t lock down reality contestants — give them the tools and processes to engage with fans! Whether that be via an official account takeover or their own live-Tweeting.


3. Eurovision  (#SBSEurovision)

Remember that Twitter is visual! Ask fans to Tweet in photos and videos of how they’re enjoying your show.


2. My Kitchen Rules  (#MKR)

Turn your audience into fanbases by creating catching team hashtags for viewers to adopt when talking about their favourite contestants.


1. Q&A  (#QandA)

Don’t just switch your account on and off during broadcast. Extend your distinct voice across the week by sharing interesting, relevant content.

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