Radio Survey 8, 2018: Adelaide

• Breakfast boost for Nova, MMM and, get this, Hit 107

• Mix 102.3 widens ratings gap as Jodie and Soda sparkle

Mix 102.3 12.9%: The station leads the market to end the year, but it is down from its best of 16.1% earlier in 2018. Breakfast with Jodie and Soda is #1 FM and #2 commercial, but with 12.8% it is well short of its best of 15.1% this year.

Nova 91.9 10.2%: A little programming tweak in breakfast seems to have corrected the ship, although it might be premature to read too much into that. The station is back close to its best this year of 10.5%. Breakfast with Dylan and Hayley recorded 9.8%, the station’s second best breakfast result after 10.0% mid year.

Cruise 1323 10.1%: There’s nothing this over achiever can’t do. Now it sits at #3 commercial in the market, overtaking Fiveaa this survey! Although just short of its 10.2% last survey, the last two results have been its best in over three years. Breakfast was down 1.1 to 7.2%, short of its 2018 of 8.3%.

Fiveaa 9.9%: The station has not only posted its lowest result this year, it’s the smallest share since survey two in 2016. Breakfast with Dave and Will was down 1.2 to 13.4%, short of its best of 15.6% this year.

Hit 107 9.4%: Without a breakfast show until next January, the station has recorded its best numbers this year and the best since 10.1% in mid-2017. The breakfast slot jumped a massive 2.1 this survey to 7.8%, not quite reaching its 2018 peak of 8.1%.

5MMM 9.3%: Finishing sixth out of six commercial stations not the ideal result to end the year. The station’s 2018 best was 10.9%, which is recorded twice. Breakfast with Roo and Ditts was up 0.2 this survey to 9.1%. However that is still well short of its best of 11.6% in survey two this year.

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