Radio Survey 8, 2918: Perth

• 96FM sees last minute breakfast growth for Paul & Lise

• Mix & Nova Xmas truce? Mix 10+ champ, Nova wins brekky again

Mix 94.5 14.8%: Not sure what is the best result to end the year – be #1 overall or #1 in breakfast. SCA and Nova Entertainment might have differing opinions about that in Perth. Mix has ended the year as #1, but it is short of its best 10+ result – 15.7%. Breakfast with Clairsy, Matt and Kymba ranks #2 overall yet is below their best this year of 15.1%.

Nova 93.7 13.7%: The station had an outstanding year. The final survey saw share 10+ down 1.0 from their best in 2018 of 14.7%. Breakfast with Nathan, Nat and Shaun also had a cracker with a #1 ranking for the last five consecutive surveys. They finish the year on 14.9%, just short of their best of 15.1%.

Hit 92.9 11.0%: The station ends the year with its best 10+ result in 18 months. Breakfast with Heidi, Xavier and Ryan ends 2018 on 9.8%, short of their best, which was 11.3%.

96FM 8.6%: The station lifted 1.0 this survey to post its equal second best result this year, behind the 9.0% in survey one. Breakfast with Paul and Lise was up 1.1 to 7.7%, which will please them and the station bosses, yet it is short of their best this year, which was 8.0%.

6PR 7.4%: Nine’s Perth outpost was down 0.4 this survey and is down from its 2018 high of 8.1%. The breakfast show hosted by Steve Mills and Basil Zempilas was also down and short of its best this year of 11.1%, which it achieved twice. It remains a strong performer though and #3 overall in breakfast.

6iX 5.9%: The station has ended the year with not only its best result for 2018, but its best figures in well over three years. Breakfast with Tim Gossage was on 4.7% after he hit 5.8% earlier in 2018. It’s the final survey for Gossage at the station who will be replaced by Ian Blackley in 2019 when the former Mix host returns to weekday radio in Perth.

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