Paul Jackson on radio results: Nova strong, smoothfm remains competitive


All-stars breakfasts plus Kate, Tim and Joel & Smallzy keep Nova performing above expectations

After the results for GfK Survey 1, 2021 were released late last week, Nova was still able to claim to be the most listened to metro network with a cume audience of just under 4m.

The stars in the line-ups on breakfast shows around the country plus the national Kate Tim & Joel drive show and Smallzy’s Surgery in the evening also kept Nova #1 metro network 25-54 in share and cume.

Not quite so impressive were the numbers at its smoothfm brand where Melbourne in particular, but also Sydney to some extent, were down from their best.

Despite the lower shares at the smoothfm stations, Nova Entertainment group program director Paul Jackson told Mediaweek he didn’t see any big issues in the survey one results.

Asked about what markets Jackson was most pleased with, he said, “All of them. There was a strong performance in Adelaide where we are #1 cume for the station and Ben and Liam. Brisbane breakfast with Ash, Luttsy and Susie O’Neill is very strong and we are the #1 station in Brisbane in share and cume.”


Perth’s Nathan, Nat and Shaun

Nova lost top spot overall in Perth, but long-time market leaders Nathan, Nat and Shaun remain #1 breakfast in share and cume.

Jackson also noted, “In Sydney Fitzy and Wippa are strong with a 7%+ share and the station has the most listeners. In Melbourne breakfast with Chrissie, Sam and Browny was also very strong and was up as is the station overall. Nova is in very good shape.

“Each [station was] ahead of expectation in what can be a difficult survey as people return from summer holidays and get back into a regular routine.”

Brisbane’s Ash, Luttsy and Susie

Jackson suggested there was a fair bit of sampling going on with much activity as some other stations also reported good cumes.

When asked whether smoothfm might be trending older than it has in the past, Jackson noted its smaller shares with younger listeners might give a perception that is the case. “It’s also that a lot of the FM stations like Nova have come out of the blocks very, very strongly.” He suggested the smoothfm stations are looking forward to a bit of “sparkle” to return. Otherwise they remain competitive in their key demos, despite not leading those as they have done at various times in the past.

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