Perth Radio Ratings 2022, Survey 1: 96FM jumps to #1

Perth radio ratings

• Nova remains brekky #1, all FM brands lift

Perth Radio Ratings
GfK Survey 1, Survey Period: Sun Jan 16 to Sat Feb 26

UP: 96FM +2.9
DOWN: 6PR -1.1

96FM 13.6% (10.7%)

Cume: 456,000 (+46,000)
2021 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 12.2% (9.8%)
Best Breakfast 11.7% (8.9%)

2022 has given ARN’s 96FM a much better start than 2021 did. After posting its lowest 10+ and breakfast shares in over five years in the first survey of 2021, a share of 13.6  has seen it start 2022 as the #1 overall station in Perth.

As the one year anniversary of the show approaches, The Bunch with Dean Clairs and Lisa Shaw saw a jump of 2.5 points for a share of 11.4% – closing in on their highest share of 11.7%, and landing at #2 breakfast overall.

96FM dominates throughout the day, as the #1 station overall in both the morning and afternoon time slots. Nova and 96FM continue to battle it out for control of the weekends, with 96FM pulling ahead this survey to claim #1 at 13.5%.

Nova 93.7 13.2% (12.6%)

Cume: 595,000 (+36,000)
2021 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 13.6% (12.6%)
Best Breakfast 15.2% (12.7%)

Nova ended the year on top in Perth, but has slipped slightly to #2 in survey one. There isn’t a lot in it however – with a jump of 0.6 points bringing Nova to 13.2%, they’re only trailing 96FM by 0.4 points.

Nova continues to own the breakfast slot in Perth, with Nathan, Nat and Shaun once again #1 after a jump of 1.7 points brought them to the highest overall share of 14.4%. 

Nova also continues to dominate drive, a full point ahead of their closest competitors in the slot. The national program of Kate, Tim and Joel has come in at 15.3% after a 1.9 point rise.

Across demographics, Nova has the #1 share in the 10-17, 18-24, and 25-39 demographics.

Mix 94.5 12.2% (12.0%)

Cume: 491,000 (-2,000)
2021 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 13.4% (11.2%)
Best Breakfast 13.6% (10.9%)

Hit Network’s Mix 94.5 has stayed pretty steady in the new year, up 0.2 points.

Coming second to Nova’s breakfast team in every survey in 2021, Mix 94.5’s breakfast lineup of Pete, Matt and Kymba hasn’t managed to break the curse just yet. A slip of 0.9 points has brought the show to an 11.2% share, and #3 breakfast overall.

The national drive show of Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little stayed steady in second place to Nova, with a rise of 1.8 bringing them to a share of 14.3%. 

6PR 7.8% (8.9%)

Cume: 207,000 (+36,000)
2021 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 9.5% (7.5%)
Best Breakfast 11.9% (8.4%)

A drop of 1.1 points saw the Nine Radio station for a total share of 7.8%. It’s not all bad news though, with 6PR now recording 24% more listeners in the cumulative audience than survey one of 2021. 

Breakfast with Gareth Parker and Mornings with Liam Bartlett have increased their year-on-year audiences by 17% and 13% respectively.

The drive show hosted by Oliver Peterson has fallen 2.9 points for a share of 6.1%.

6PR has claimed the #1 commercial station for the 65+ demographic, with a share of 14.5%.

6iX 6.0% (5.7%)

Cume: 153,000 (-4,000)
2021 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 6.6% (4.2%)
Best Breakfast 5.7% (3.4%)

6IX continues rise steadily, as it has been since survey 7 of 2021. The station has gained 0.3 points, bringing it to a share of 6.0%. The Breakfast show with Ian Blackley was up 0.2 points for a share of 5.3%. 

The station did best in the 55-64 demo with a 14.2% share.

92.9 Triple M 5.3% (5.9%)

Cume: 275,000 (-11,000)
2020 results: Best/worst 
Best 10+ 10.1% (8.7%)
Best Breakfast 10.1% (7.4%)

Triple M kicks off its second year struggling to find its footing in Perth, coming in at the #6 commercial station. A boost of 0.6 points has brought the station to a share of 5.9%. 

The breakfast team of Basil and Xav (this is the first survey since Jenna Clarke left the show) led by Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas has risen 0.2 points, bringing in a share of 6.0%.

The station’s strongest demo remains 18-24 where it has a 12.6% share, up 1.5 points.

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