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GfK Radio Ratings 2019, Survey 1: Highlights + Full Results

• Full results and analysis of the first radio ratings of the year.


 • 2CH, smoothfm & 2Day up, Nova drops in drive & breakfast

Biggest rise: 2CH +1.5
Biggest fall: Nova 969 -2.1

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• Fox & Triple M lift as KIIS and SEN drift lower

Biggest rise: Fox/Triple M +0.8
Biggest fall: KIIS 101.1 -1.3

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• Nova recovers as Ash, Kip, Luttsy with Susie reclaim #1Biggest rise: Fox/Triple M +0.8
Biggest fall: KIIS 101.1 -1.3

Biggest rise: Nova 106.9 +1.6
Biggest fall: 4BC -1.5

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• Mix 94.5 only station up as Clairsy, Matt & Kymba back on top

Biggest rise: Mix 94.5 +0.8
Biggest fall: Hit 92.9 -1.6

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• Nova and Mix the biggest movers, Cruise & Fiveaa dip

Biggest rise: Nova 91.1 +1.0
Biggest fall: Cruise 1323 -1.5

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Grant Blackley shares SCA DAB+ strategy with international broadcasters

Just last month SCA chief executive Grant Blackley told investors and Mediaweek how the company was utilising its growing DAB+ digital stations’ audiences for advertisers. It’s a strategy that has been underway for some time.

Blackley told Mediaweek: “We have well and truly outperformed the market which has been driven by the stability of our schedule and an improvement in ratings with the FM plus DAB+ plus audience coupled together.

“There has been an 8.5% increase (367,000 people) in our reach because of our strategy of joining those audiences together.”

Read the original here.

Now the media executive has been sharing that strategy with international broadcasters.

Blackley was one of the speakers at the World DAB symposium in Malaysia last week. Other Australians taking part in Kuala Lumpur included CRA chief executive Joan Warner and media trainer Steve Ahern.

Blackley started his presentation with an overview of Southern Cross Austereo by splitting the company into three categories – capital city radio, regional radio and TV, and then national exposure on other platforms including PodcastOne and the SCA network of 94 websites.

He then gave the audience a summary of the state of the DAB+ market and how the major broadcasters SCA, Nova and ARN were using their collection of licences.

Blackley then presented three key PowerPoint slides that gave an insight into the SCA DAB+ planning:

• SCA’s brand strategy grouped under the Hit and Triple M brands. “A safe, trusted family of brands,” said Blackley.
• How SCA is adding the audiences from its FM and DAB+ stations to increase reach for advertisers. A controversial slide for some because it ignores the DAB+ presence on other networks.
• Monetisation strategy that shows how advertisers using Triple M benefit from increased reach of the brand across its DAB+ portfolio.

Other topics covered by Blackley included its digital streaming eco-system, how SCA nurtures new talent and its plans for smart speaker integration.

Top Photo: Grant Blackley in Malaysia last week

Effie Zahos: Money editor and author asks why TV avoids finance talk

The editor of Bauer Media’s Money magazine Effie Zahos was a recent guest in the PodcastOne studio for Mediaweek.

By James Manning

She was on her author’s tour for her new book A Real Girl’s Guide to Money.

Zahos has long been associated with the Money brand from its early days as a primetime TV show on Nine. The program, initiated by Peter Meakin during his years with the network, ran for much of the 90s and was hosted by Paul Clitheroe who remains a contributor to Money.

Zahos wondered why there is not room for a similar TV program today. “There is so much interest in money matters again. Everybody wants to live frugal and save and budget.

ACP Magazines launched Money in 1999 with Zahos joining the team as deputy editor under founding editor Pam Walkley who was a former AFR journalist. Walkley is a noted property expert and still contributes to the magazine.

“My background was banking. I did a Bachelor of Economics at Queensland University and then worked for Westpac,” said Zahos.

Zahos was interviewed by Clitheroe who gave her start in media at Nine.

When personal finance shows are given a spot on FTA primetime they seem to work. Money was a strong contributor to Nine during the 90s when it was a TV powerhouse.

When Seven moved David Koch into primetime during the GFC in the late 2000s his Sunday night show was also a ratings winner.

Is there a gap in the market for more. “Yes,” said Zahos. “We need them. I would like to see a show about finance that is very real. We have reports and we have stories, but nothing covering what people are thinking about. There is more to money than dollars and cents. There is so much to cover including behavioural science – why do we do what we do?”

Money publishes 11 editions a year and ends the year with its Best of the Best Awards edition. “That idea comes way back from my job interview with Paul. When he asked me what could I bring to the show, I asked why don’t we do awards. Back then there wasn’t easy access to research houses and there was no Internet for everybody to search for the cheapest home loan.”

Listen to Effie Zahos on the Mediaweek podcast here.

‘Its only rock’n’roll but I like it’: Wendy McDougall’s rock photography

The classic Jagger/Richards song and album title “It’s Only Rock’N’Roll (But I Like It)” – sums up the life and working career of music photographer Wendy McDougall, so it is fitting that she has chosen the song as the title for her new exhibition.

McDougall worked with 1980s and 1990s with Australian music magazine Smash Hits when it was edited by Mediaweek’s James Manning.

The magazine, launched by Fairfax Magazines in 1984, used McDougall for many of its photo shoots in Sydney.

Thanks to Canon Australia, McDougall will be presenting a retrospective exhibition of her life’s work in Sydney and Melbourne which will include photographic images of INXS, Crowded House, Paul Kelly and The Church along with many other images chosen from her extensive portfolio.

In recognition of a 40 year career spent photographing iconic Australian and international musicians, McDougall was the recipient of the inaugural 2018 AWMA (Australian Women in Music Awards) for Best Photographer.

In 1979 McDougall sold her first photo to one of the biggest band in the land, The Angels. She said this was ground zero and kick-started her photographic career in the business of making music.

From that moment on she has been creating striking pictures of iconic Australian music acts which include Cold Chisel, Divinyls, Richard Clapton, Noiseworks, Diesel, Jeff Duff, GANGgajang, Ross Wilson, Mental as Anything, Boom Crash Opera, Matt Finish and Chris Bailey to name a few, along with visiting international musicians like Tom Jones and Mick Jagger.

“I feel like I’ve had an angel watch over me throughout my life,” McDougall said. “I mean seriously, who starts their career selling their first photo to one of the biggest bands in the country? I still don’t quite know how that happened but I’m glad it did.”

McDougall said she always felt that the best way to live life was to do the things you liked and from an early age those things were music, rock’n’roll and art. Her idea of fun was combining these two mediums and she’s been following her heart ever since.

McDougall is still taking photos of musicians to this day and now, 40 years after it all began, audiences get to see some of her award winning collection.

Canon galleries – Sun Studios in Sydney and Sky Light Gallery in South Melbourne – are the venues hosting the exhibition that helped shape the Australian Music industry.


• 3rd – 19th April 2019 – Sun Studios SYDNEY
42 Maddox St Alexandria [02] 9641 5568

• 9th – 24th May 2019 – Sky Light Gallery MELBOURNE
95 Buckhurst St South Melbourne [03] 8695 9700

TV Ratings Analysis: March 12

• Married mayhem continues – and that’s just in the TV ratings
• Couples tension promises to boilover at midweek dinner party
• Travel Guides get naughty and naked during foodie tour
• Best of the rest: MKR, Good Doctor, Ambulance, Insight

Tuesday: Week 11 2019

by James Manning 

• Seven News 956,000/911,000
• Nine News 855,000/867,000
• A Current Affair 778,000
• ABC News 691,000
• 7.30 556,000
• The Project 274,000/443,000
• 10 News First 373,000
• SBS World News 139,000

Breakfast TV

• Sunrise 269,000
• Today 190,000


The channel’s 7pm soap series Home And Away started the week on 636,000 and dipped to 617,000 last night.

My Kitchen Rules is locked in the 700,000s with audiences of 761,000 and 728,000 this week. Spice Boys was the name of the Instant Restaurant last night and judges Pete and Manu were particularly impressed the entrée of coconut curry mussels, which attracted a perfect score of 10 from both.

The final episode of season two of The Good Doctor then screened to 549,000.


A Current Affair investigated what it called “new shame” for Cardinal George Pell ahead of his sentencing today. The episode did 778,000 after Monday’s 2019 record audience of 927,000.

Married At First Sight concluded the home visits with more twists and turns, which will be explored during tonight’s dinner party episode. Nine has sent out of Cyclone Cyrell warning with a storm expected to be unleashed. The Tuesday MAFS audience was 1.245m after 1.281m a week ago.

Travel Guides was on Australian soil this week with a trip through South Australia which included a nude swim which was enough to set yet another series high with 788,000 watching.


Guests on The Project included Cassandra Thorburn on Dancing With The Stars. There was no direct mention of her former Today show host husband, although Peter Helliar cracked a good joke which nearly got her reliving a Logies moment at the start of the interview. “I can’t dance, but I like having a good time,” she revealed of her learnings after her primetime TV debut. Former Project host Charlie Pickering also paid a visit. The 7pm audience was 443,000 after 469,000 on Monday.

The ob doc Ambulance continued at 7.30pm with some horrid accident scenes with 393,000 watching after 279,000 last week.

NCIS then did 257,000 after 8.30pm.


Foreign Correspondent featured ABC reporter Samantha Hawley in Venice discussing over crowding as growing numbers of tourists continue to flood the city. The episode did 512,000 after 373,000 last week.

The first of the three-part The Cult Of The Family then launched with 510,000.


The final of this series of Michael Portillo’s Abandoned Britain visited Brighton with 207,000 watching.

Insight looked at vitamins and supplements with 201,000.

The channel’s biggest national audience was in the 9.30pm slot when the return of Dateline investigated alternative care options in Denmark for early onset dementia. The episode did 198,000 metro, but 291,000 when adding in the regional crowd.

Week 11 TV: Tuesday
ABC Seven Nine 10 SBS
ABC 11.9% 7 20.9% 9 27.3% 10  9.5% SBS One 5.0%
ABC KIDS/ ABC COMEDY 2.5% 7TWO 2.2% GO! 2.9% 10 Bold 3.1% VICELAND 1.3%
ABC ME 0.5% 7mate 2.5% GEM 2.6% 10 Peach 1.9% Food Net 0.8%
ABC NEWS 1.3% 7flix 1.4% 9Life 1.9%     NITV 0.2%
    7Food 0.4%            
TOTAL 16.1%   27.4%   34.6%   14.5%   7.4%


ABC Seven Affiliates Nine Affiliates 10 Affiliates SBS
ABC 12.5% 7 21.3% 9 20.3% WIN 9.5% SBS One 4.6%
ABC KIDS/ ABC COMEDY 3.2% 7TWO 4.0% GO! 3.9% WIN Bold 2.8% VICELAND 1.3%
ABC ME 0.8% 7mate 3.5% GEM 3.6% WIN Peach 1.9% Food Net 0.8%
ABC NEWS 1.1% 7flix 1.4% 9Life 1.8% Sky News  on WIN 1.4% NITV 0.3%
TOTAL 17.6%   30.2%   29.6%   15.6%   7.0%


87.1% 12.9%
  1. Married At First Sight Nine 1,245,000
  2. Seven News Seven 956,000
  3. Seven News / Today Tonight Seven 911,000
  4. Nine News 6:30 Nine 867,000
  5. Nine News Nine 855,000
  6. Travel Guides Nine 788,000
  7. A Current Affair Nine 778,000
  8. My Kitchen Rules Seven 728,000
  9. ABC News ABC 691,000
  10. Home And Away Seven 617,000
  11. 7.30 ABC 556,000
  12. The Chase Australia Seven 556,000
  13. The Good Doctor Seven 549,000
  14. Foreign Correspondent ABC 512,000
  15. The Cult Of The Family ABC 510,000
  16. Hot Seat Nine 459,000
  17. The Project 7pm 10 443,000
  18. Ambulance Australia 10 393,000
  19. 10 News First 10 373,000
  20. The Chase Australia-5pm Seven 360,000
Demo Top 5

16-39 Top Five

  1. Married At First Sight Nine 376,000
  2. Travel Guides Nine 222,000
  3. My Kitchen Rules Seven 149,000
  4. A Current Affair Nine 138,000
  5. Seven News / Today Tonight Seven 125,000


18-49 Top Five

  1. Married At First Sight Nine 606,000
  2. Travel Guides Nine 373,000
  3. My Kitchen Rules Seven 252,000
  4. Nine News 6:30 Nine 233,000
  5. A Current Affair Nine 226,000


25-54 Top Five

  1. Married At First Sight Nine 654,000
  2. Travel Guides Nine 415,000
  3. Nine News 6:30 Nine 297,000
  4. A Current Affair Nine 289,000
  5. My Kitchen Rules Seven 289,000
TUESDAY Multichannel
  1. Dino Dana ABCKIDS/COMEDY 157,000
  2. Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures ABCKIDS/COMEDY 146,000
  3. Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom ABCKIDS/COMEDY 142,000
  4. Peppa Pig-Pm ABCKIDS/COMEDY 137,000
  5. Bondi Rescue Ep 2 (R) 10 Bold 135,000
  6. Shaun The Sheep ABCKIDS/COMEDY 134,000
  7. Peter Rabbit ABCKIDS/COMEDY 126,000
  8. NCIS (R) 10 Bold 122,000
  9. Kazoops!-Pm ABCKIDS/COMEDY 121,000
  10. Rusty Rivets-Pm ABCKIDS/COMEDY 120,000
  11. Wanda And The Alien-Pm ABCKIDS/COMEDY 119,000
  12. New Tricks 9Gem 117,000
  13. Peppa Pig-Am ABCKIDS/COMEDY 116,000
  14. Hey Duggee-Am ABCKIDS/COMEDY 116,000
  15. The Big Bang Theory 9GO! 114,000
  16. Neighbours 10 Peach 114,000
  17. Octonauts ABCKIDS/COMEDY 113,000
  18. Young Sheldon – (R) 9GO! 107,000
  19. Pj Masks-Pm ABCKIDS/COMEDY 107,000
  20. School Of Roars-Am ABCKIDS/COMEDY 105,000
  1. Paul Murray Live Sky News Live 61,000
  2. The Great British Bake Off Lifestyle FOOD 61,000
  3. Jones & Co Sky News Live 53,000
  4. Shimmer And Shine Nick Jr. 43,000
  5. The Bolt Report Sky News Live 43,000
  6. Live: AFL 360 FOX FOOTY 42,000
  7. Would I Lie To You? UKTV 41,000
  8. Family Guy FOX8 38,000
  9. Credlin Sky News Live 37,000
  10. To The Manor Born FOX Classics 36,000
  11. 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown UKTV 35,000
  12. PML Later Sky News Live 34,000
  13. Live: NRL 360 FOX LEAGUE 33,000
  14. Open All Hours FOX Classics 33,000
  15. Paw Patrol Nick Jr. 32,000
  16. Jeopardy! FOX Classics 31,000
  17. Family Guy FOX8 31,000
  18. Curious George Nick Jr. 31,000
  19. Live: Back Page FOX SPORTS 50 3 29,000
  20. The Simpsons FOX8 29,000

Shares all people, 6pm-midnight, Overnight (Live and AsLive), Audience numbers FTA metro, Sub TV national
Source: OzTAM and Regional TAM 2018. The Data may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) without the prior written consent of OzTAM

Media News Roundup

Business of Media

ABC backs ACCC review of Google, Facebook…with reservations

The ABC has backed the competition watchdog’s recommendation for a review of Australia’s media regulatory framework, but not to the detriment of the public broadcaster, reports The Australian’s Lilly Vitorovich.

In its submission to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission in response to the regulator’s preliminary report on digital platforms, the ABC said a review was “necessary” as the regulator looks to clamp down on Google and Facebook’s market dominance.

“The corporation’s view is that different technologies and business models will require that different approaches to compliance be considered, rather than the pursuit of a universal level-playing field,” the ABC said in its submission, made public by the ACCC yesterday.

[Read the original]

‘Break up Google to level media playing field’: News Corp

News Corp Australia has urged the competition regulator to consider breaking up Google’s advertising and search businesses as a “bold” solution to the substantial market power of the tech giants amid concerns they are unfairly taking advertising dollars from Australian media businesses, reports The Australian’s Zoe Samios.

In a submission to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission review of digital platforms, News Corp also called for restraint on digital platforms’ use of publishers’ content unless they provide “fair compensation”.

News Corp Australia executive chairman Michael Miller said the ACCC should maintain the focus of the inquiry on the market power of the tech titans in media and advertising markets: “This includes giving the ACCC powers to oversee and monitor digital platforms’ behaviour relating to advertising, the display of news and journalistic content and ad tech, including their algorithms.”

[Read the original]

News Brands

Journalist, editor and author Les Carlyon farewelled at racecourse

They said goodbye to Les Carlyon on a Tuesday at Flemington. On his coffin lay a single yellow rose; a salute to Australia’s great race and the journalist who wrote it like no other could, reports The Australian’s Chip Le Grand.

In a dining room atop the Flemington grandstand, political and military leaders, historians and a generation of newspaper writers and broadcasters came to swap tales of a writer whose peeves included words out of place, reporters at their desks and eulogies too long or mawkish.

Broadcaster Neil Mitchell said Carlyon believed journalism was a craft, not a job.

Many of the journalists Carlyon mentored returned to Flemington for Les’s last meet: broadcasters Ross Stevenson, Steve Price and Garry Linnell; TV presenters Virginia Trioli and Jennifer Byrne; crime writers John Silvester and Geoff Wilkinson; sportswriters Patrick Smith, Mike Sheahan and Greg Baum; and leading figures from the rival media houses Carlyon served, Herald and Weekly Times bosses Penny Fowler, Julian Clarke and Peter Blunden, former editor of The Age Mike Smith and The Australian’s Paul Kelly.

John Howard, a former prime minister who shared Carlyon’s fascination with World War I, sat with Governor-General Peter Cosgrove, historian Geoffrey Blainey and media mogul Kerry Stokes. Former Victorian premiers Jeff Kennett and Ted Baillieu joined Brendan Nelson, director of the Australian War Memorial. From the racing world, there was Victorian Racing Club chair Amanda Elliott and Racing Victoria general manager Greg Carpenter, retired chief steward Des Gleeson and race callers Greg Miles and Bryan Martin, who led the order of service.

[Read the original]

Patrick Carlyon to father Les: ‘Thanks Dad, you done good’

The Herald Sun has published Patrick Carlyon’s tribute to his father:

Dad always remembered my birthday, but not for the usual reasons.

I was born at 3.56pm on November 4, 1972. I was delivered in Carlton but Dad was in Flemington at the time.

He always spoke fondly of Dayana’s Victoria Derby win.

[Read the original]


Negotiations continue for new 2GB contract for Alan Jones

Negotiations over the future of leading radio broadcaster Alan Jones have commenced, report The Australian’s Nick Tabakoff and Lilly Vitorovich.

Sources said late yesterday Macquarie Media chairman Russell Tate and chief executive Adam Lang would play a key role in discussions to lock in the top-rating breakfast broadcaster.

Macquarie Media, 54.5% owned by Nine Entertainment, was believed to have until today to declare its interest in renewing talks with Jones to keep him at Sydney’s number one radio station 2GB beyond June 30, when his contract expires.

Yesterday, Jones told Seven Network that “there are always ­options in anything I might do, I might decide to become a horse racing trainer, who knows?”

[Read the original]


Cassandra Thorburn headed for more TV time after DWTS elimination

It seems somewhat ironic that Cassandra Thorburn is now on television more than her ex-husband Karl Stefanovic, reports The Sydney Morning Herald’s Amy Croffey.

While we’re about to start seeing a whole lot more of former journalist Thorburn, 47, Stefanovic’s career has cooled considerably since he “stepped off” Nine’s Today show in December.

On Tuesday, the day after she was booted from 10’s Dancing With The Stars alongside her dance partner Marco De Angelis, Thorburn confirmed she has signed up as a “regular guest” on the network’s mid-morning breakfast program, Studio 10 – one of Today’s rivals.

[Read the original]

Carl Williams’ daughter Dhakota films sizzle reel for reality show

The daughter of slain underworld figure Carl Williams is all grown up and now in talks for her own reality TV show, reports News Corp’s Jonathan Moran.

Days after Dhakota Williams celebrated her 18th birthday, Confidential can reveal the teenager has filmed a sizzle reel being shopped around for a reality television series.

The Year 11 student has slowly been building a strong social media following over the past year, growing to an audience of nearly 30,000.

[Read the original]

Gogglebox looking for first Queensland cast members

The team from the hit reality show Gogglebox are hitting the streets to find two new households to be in their next season – and for the first time ever, they’re looking for Queenslanders, reports News Corp’s Sarah Matthews.

While the cast of Gogglebox, which is currently in its ninth season, is traditionally made up of Melbourne and Sydney residents, the Foxtel show’s executive producer David McDonald said he was excited to include fresh voices from Brisbane in season 10.

“When it was time to add some more voices to the mix, everyone agreed it was time to go north and get some other voices in there, some other opinions,” he said.

[Read the original]

TV Week Logie votes from overseas are faking Aussie addresses

Diehard Australian TV fans that live overseas are voting for their favourites in the Logie Awards and side-stepping the entry rules to do it, reports TV Tonight.

TV Week’s online voting is open to Australian residents once only and requires a name, address, phone and email.

But such is the determination of some fans living overseas they are turning to to fill in the fields and vote for their favourite stars. Through social media the loophole is being shared along with screenshots of “Thanks for Voting” replies.

A TV Week spokesperson told TV Tonight, “Roy Morgan manages the verification of all votes for the TV Week Logie Awards and collectively we are confident the system is fair to all candidates.

“A detailed verification process is in place that eliminates invalid votes from the final tallies. The data verification process is much more complex than Googling and entering an address. Attempts to circumvent the rules do form part of the verification process, though details of the process are not made public.”

[Read the original]

Sports Media

Sam Newman’s podcast with Grant Thomas, Mike Sheahan suspended

The controversial podcast involving football identities Sam Newman, Grant Thomas and Mike Sheahan has been suspended, reports News Corp’s Scott Gullan.

Newman posted a video on Twitter on Tuesday night announcing that the Sam, Mike & Thomo podcast was having a break after Sheahan decided to walk away following last week’s controversy where Newman dressed up as a woman.

The former Footy Show host appeared in drag and declared he was “transitioning” into a woman.

“It has been summarily suspended as a result of me dressing as a woman,” Newman said on his Twitter video.

“Mike Sheahan has felt the heat and jumped into the lifeboat with things getting a bit tepid for him.”

[Read the original]

Optus Sport assembles team for 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Optus Sport has brought together some of Australia’s best female journalists and football talent to lead the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup coverage when the tournament gets underway in June.

Presenter and former Matilda Amy Duggan is the first host to be announced for Optus Sport’s match coverage, while Heather Garriock, Alicia Ferguson and Niav Owens will also join the team.

Optus Sport will have exclusive coverage of all 52 matches of the FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament live, and the broadcast team will provide extensive match coverage, expert opinion, in-depth analysis and behind the scenes access from France.

“We are extremely proud of the team we are assembling for the FIFA Women’s World Cup,” Optus’ head of TV and content Corin Dimopoulos said.

“Optus Sport will not only deliver Australia’s most comprehensive coverage of a Women’s World Cup, but our team will also provide greater coverage from within the Matildas camp than ever before.”

Leading an expert panel of current and former players will be ex-Matildas player Heather Garriock, who after representing her country on 130 occasions, is now Canberra United W-League coach.

Alicia Ferguson, another former Matilda, will be providing insight as the national team’s campaign unfolds in France, while experienced reporter Niav Owens will bring viewers the latest news from pitchside as well as from inside the Matildas camp.

Duggan is a WIN News sports presenter while Owens has worked for Fox Sports and the ABC and also runs a media training business for athletes.

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