Adelaide: Nova and Mix the biggest movers, Cruise & Fiveaa dip

• Jodie and Soda are again the market’s breakfast champs

Biggest rise: Nova 91.1 +1.0
Biggest fall: Cruise 1323 -1.5

Mix 102.3 13.3%

Jodie and Soda are again the market’s breakfast champs, overtaking Fiveaa this survey with breakfast share up 0.5 to 13.3%. While that is a great result, they managed to post a bigger breakfast share five times last year. Morning and afternoon dayparts were both up 1.5 while Will and Woody were up 0.5 in drive. The station remains #1 overall 40-54 and 54-65.

Nova 91.9 11.2%

Dylan and Hayley continue to improve breakfast numbers, now up to 9.9%, a number the station managed to beat just once last year. The strongest shares come in the PM – afternoon with Cale Porter on 11.7% (+1.6), drive with Kate, Tim and Marty on 13.5% (-1.7) and evening with Smallzy on 12.7% (+1.2). Couple of big demo jumps to watch if they correct next survey – 18-24 +6.3 to 26.1% and 25-39 +4.8 to 12.4%.

Hit 107 9.6%

A good start for a new look station where breakfast is hosted by Rebecca and Cosi. The station has only hit 9.6% or better once in the past two years. The breakfast share for the new announcers took off with a 9.7% debut, which again is the station’s second best in two years.

5MMM 9.4%

Little change this survey, but the good news is Roo & Ditts were up 0.1 to 9.2% in breakfast while Kennedy Molloy in drive made a mark with a climb of 2.5 to 9.7%, outrating Hughesy and Kate at sister station Hit 107. The not so good news is 5MMM beat its current station share 12 times in the past two years. And it had 13 better breakfast shares in those 16 survey results.

Fiveaa 9.3%

Have we ever seen Fiveaa so far down the rankings? Answer: Yes. But you have to go back to survey two 2016 when 10+ share was on 9.2%. The good news is breakfast with David and Will is a competitive #2 commercial although by their own standards it’s not a great result given its their second equal lowest share in 17 surveys.

Cruise 1323 8.6%

An AM music station should be doing handstands with these sorts of numbers. However for a high achiever like Cruise in a small market like Adelaide this comes in at the lower range of recent performances. The numbers were down across the board with morning off 2.8 to 8.6% and breakfast off 1.3 to 5.9%. That is the third equal smallest breakfast share in three years and the smallest since survey one in 2017.

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