Kylie Merritt on Your Money: Real Estate attracting most bids

• “Watching live auctions play out is almost a blood sport, but it is fascinating to watch”

The Nine and Sky News joint venture business brand Your Money has been on air for two months now since the TV channel and digital destination launched on October 1.

Retaining Ticky and Trading Day from Sky News Business, Your Money has had a major makeover with new morning and evening programming.

The channel has recently made some changes to its schedule, moving its late afternoon and evening programming earlier.

Weeknights at 5.30pm and 8pm is Your Money Live, featuring Brooke Corte and Chris Kohler. At 7.30pm the channel hosts a rotation of programs featuring personal investment, technology, cars, entrepreurship and business travel, with new programs due to rotate through the schedule in 2019.

Under Your Money chief executive Kylie Merritt, the pace was frantic in the lead up to the launch. Since then she and the team haven’t slowed down.

“When you launch a new media product you never stop. We have a few major plans for early 2019 we are working towards implementing.

“There is potential for more programming in a similar vein to Your Money Live. We are looking forward to developing more content that will appeal to a broader audience.

“We have started to build an audience and we will continue to deliver engaging content to keep them coming back to the brand. We are working at transferring audiences between TV and digital.”

A lot of the channel’s growing audience is coming for the real estate content that is present on all days of the week.

The flagship real estate program is Saturday’s Auction Day hosted by Sophie Hull and James Treble. You can also see them integrated into other programs in addition to the channel’s other real estate specialist contributors.

Sophie Hull and James Treble

“I am not surprised at all that Auction Day has found an audience very quickly on free-to-air,” said Merritt of the marathon six-hour live program. “It is very engaging and many people find it very entertaining. Watching live auctions play out is almost a blood sport, but it is fascinating to watch.

“Most casual TV viewers have at least a passing interest in real estate. But if you are thinking about selling your home or even refinancing your mortgage, our Saturday coverage is very easy to watch and you learn along the way.

“For people about to buy or sell a house at auction it is virtually essential viewing. In one sitting you can see six auctions and start to get a feel for the psychology of them instead of having to visit separate auctions to study what happens.”

Your Money has been attracting a free-to-air audience as part of its dual citizenship as both a subscription TV channel and part of the Nine family.

The new FTA audience has been helping increase audience participation to Trading Day Live in segments where viewers seek share market opinions.

Simon Hopkins leads the Your Money partnerships team. “We are not about selling just 30 second TV commercials, we are looking at bigger partnership plays across all of our platforms,” said Merritt. “We have a relationship with MCN and we are working closely with them on trading inventory.”

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Your Money’s revised programming schedule
1am-8.30am Fox Business
8.30am – 4.30pm Trading Day
4.30pm & 10pm Ticky
5.30pm & 8pm Your Money Live
• MondayMoney Talks with Peter Switzer 
• TuesdaySwipe
• WednesdayCarAdvice
• ThursdayEntrepreneurs
• FridayBusiness Class

And every Thursday of course at 2.30pm, Mediaweek TV with James Manning

Top Photo: Your Money executive team [L-R]: Glen Caro, David Ash, Kylie Merritt, Simon Hopkins and Nadine Blayney

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