Week 41 TV: The Block and NRL rank Nine #1 network & primary

The Block

Seven had the biggest slide this week with network and primary share down.

Nine’s week started with three huge wins Sunday to Tuesday, a narrow win Wednesday and a narrow loss Thursday. That was enough to keep the lead despite Nine slipping behind Seven on Friday and Saturday.

Seven had the biggest slide this week with network and primary share down.

10 was more competitive this week, particularly on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, yet it posted single figure primary shares on the four other nights.

Nine Week 41

Primary share: 20.5% (19.7%)
Network share: 29.4% (27.9)%
Multichannels: GO! 2.9% (2.5%) Gem 2.7% (2.3%) 9Life 2.1% (2.2%) 9Rush 1.2% (1.2%)

Nine was the clear leader for another week with The Block Australia’s #1 entertainment show of the week. Sunday night’s Room Winner episode was #1 show for the week and attracted a national average audience of 1.439m (Metro: 1.058m Reg: 381,000) and won all key demographics of 25-54s, 16-39s and Grocery Shopper + Child.

Nine had the #1 commercial shares across all key demographics: People 25-54s (39.4%), People 16-39s (36.4%) and Grocery Shopper + Child (40.1%). Nine also won Total People with a share of 39.5%.

Nine also had the # 1 primary shares across all key demographics: People 25-54s (27.37%), People 16-39s (25.53%) and Grocery Shopper + Child (28.8%). Nine also won Total People with a share of 27.45%.

Nine dominated the top 10 shows of the week with a total of seven spots, driven by The Block and news programs.

A Current Affair averaged over 700,000 for the week, 60 Minutes was just under 600,000 and Halifax: Retribution finished its season on 556,000.

Seven Week 41

Primary share: 18.7% (21.3%)
Network share: 28.3% (31.1%)
Multichannels: 7TWO 3.4% (3.6%) 7mate 4.2% (4.3%) 7flix 2.0% (1.9%)

Seven had the second and third best primary and network shares of the week but was unable to match its performance from the week prior. Seven’s share was down week-on-week by both measures.

Seven allowed Nine to build what turned out to be a winning lead after Seven posted sub-15% primary shares Sunday to Tuesday before recovering later in the week off the back of two AFL finals.

The AFL clashes set up what could be a tantalising Richmond v Geelong Grand Final if both teams manage to hold off very tough opposition in Port Adelaide and Brisbane. Both semi-finals this week saw national audiences over 1m which resulted in network metro shares close to 35% both nights.

Seven’s only entries in the top 30 for the week were the football and Seven News which was ranked #1 every night of the week.

Home and Away averaged 538,000 across the week while Better Homes and Gardens did 477,000.

ABC Week 41

Primary share: 12.3% (13.1%)
Network share: 17.3% (17.6%)
Multichannels: Kids/Comedy 2.5% (2.5%) ME 0.5% (0.5%) News 1.9% (1.9%)

A brilliant episode of Australian Story had the channel’s biggest audience of the week with 746,000 watching a tribute to life and time of Aunty Jack’s Thin Arthur – Rory O’Donoghue.

ABC weekday News averaged 667,000 and Hard Quiz did 644,000.

Over half a million for the channel were Four Corners on 570,000, the season final of Mad as Hell on 540,000 and 7.30 on 515,000.

The Treasurer’s Speech just missed that mark with 497,000 on Tuesday night.

10 Week 41

Primary share 10.3% (9.5%)
Network share: 16.9% (15.9%)
Multichannels: Bold 3.8% (3.5%) Peach 2.4% (2.4%) Shake 0.4% (0.5%)

The Bachelorette was behind the network’s growth this week with improved shares on Wednesday and Thursday. The two episodes in launch week were down historically but were demo champs up against the other offerings on those nights.

10 is able to claim four of the top 10 entertainment shows in under 50s and all key demos (25 to 54s, 16 to 39s and 18 to 49s) thanks to the launch week of The Bachelorette Australia, Have You Been Paying Attention? and Gogglebox.

Network 10 and 10 continue to record the most growth of any commercial network and primary channel in 2020, up 10% and 9% year-to-date respectively. 10 Bold has achieved 20 months of consecutive year-on-year audience growth, while 10 Peach has achieved 38 consecutive weeks of year-on-year growth in its key demo of 16 to 39s.

10 Shake in only its second week on air saw share on 0.4% after its first week share of 0.5%.

SBS Week 41

Primary share: 4.9% (4.5%)
Network share: 8.1% (7.6%)

Multichannels: Viceland 1.2% (1.2%) Food 1.0% (0.9%) NITV 0.2% (0.1%) World Movies 0.9% (0.8%)

The final episode of the three-episode season of Every Family Has a Secret was again the most-watched show of the week with 276,000.

Michael Portillo popped up in an unusual timeslot on Saturday night with Greatest Railway Journeys which was down on his regular ratings with 139,000.

* Figures in brackets are Week 40 shares.

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