Week 38 TV: Nine ranks #1 primary and network share

The Masked Singer

• 10 secured five of the top 10 spots in under 50s, 16 to 39s and 18 to 49s, and four of the top 10 in 25 to 54s.

The Block is shutting down the site for the Blockheads on Monday – what sort of a ratings impact could that have on Nine’s ratings powerhouse?

So far The Block continues to help keep Nine in the ratings lead. The network won the first five nights of week 38 – four nights of The Block and then one night of NRL. (In network share Nine won the first four and Seven won Thursday through Saturday.)

Seven’s primary share was punished without any Thursday AFL, and 10 had a good week in its demos but challenges elsewhere with four nights of primary share under 10% all people.

Nine Week 38

Primary share: 19.2% (18.8%)
Network share: 27.6% (27.8)%
Multichannels: GO! 2.7% (3.3%) Gem 2.2% (2.3%) 9Life 2.3% (2.2%) 9Rush 1.1% (1.2%)

Nine is claiming the #1 commercial shares across all key demographics: People 25-54s (39.1%), People 16-39s (35.9%) and Grocery Shopper + Child (40.8%). Nine also won Total People with a share of 38.2%.

Nine News had its best numbers for Sunday again with 1.132m. Next best was The Block Sunday which did 960,000/978,000 (reveal).

The Block slipped as low as 742,000 on Wednesday.
A Current Affair averaged 700,000 and 60 Minutes was on 576,000.
Halifax: Retribution made it to 501,000 and the launch of the new season of Australian Crime Stories started on 442,000.

Seven Week 38

Primary share: 17.6% (18.3%)
Network share: 27.4% (28.0%)
Multichannels: 7TWO 3.7% (3.4%) 7mate 3.9% (4.0%) 7flix 2.2% (2.2%)

Share dipped week-on-week with no Thursday AFL on offer. After fixing the cricket schedule you would think CEO James Warburton would be pretty particular about trying to ensure Thursday, Friday and Saturday AFL clashes in every week of the season for the future.

Seven News again led the way with the biggest audiences. The primary channel was more competitive on Sunday with the launch of All New Monty on 781,000.

Home and Away was next best in primetime with 563,000, Friday AFL was on 513,000 and Better Homes and Gardens did 477,000.
Plate of Origin peaked at 410,000 on Tuesday after 342,000 on Monday.
7mate was the #1 multichannel and 7TWO was equal second.

ABC Week 38

Primary share: 13.7% (13.1%)
Network share: 18.1% (17.3%)
Multichannels: Kids/Comedy 2.6% (2.3%) ME 0.4% (0.5%) News 1.4% (1.5%)

ABC News Sunday led the week on 755,000.
It was followed by the Sunday doco Freeman on 708,000.
Hard Quiz (693,000) and Brush with Fame (647,000) both just missed the top 20 for the week.

10 Week 38

Primary share 11.2% (11.2%)
Network share: 17.1% (17.2%)
Multichannels: Bold 3.7% (3.9%) Peach 2.2% (2.1%)

In week 38, 10 shows performed well in the demos, securing five of the top 10 spots in under 50s, 16 to 39s and 18 to 49s, and four of the top 10 in 25 to 54s. Those programs were The Masked Singer Australia Final Reveal and Grand Finale, which topped all the demographics, Have You Been Paying Attention?, The Bachelor Australia and Gogglebox. The Masked Singer Australia Final Reveal was also #1 across the week.

Have You Been Paying Attention? achieved its biggest shares of the year in under 50s and all key age groups (25 to 54s, 16 to 39s and 18 to 49s), The Bachelor Australia episodes lifted week-on-week, Gogglebox achieved its biggest audience since April 2020 and Todd Sampson’s BodyHack debuted its fourth season with its biggest episode since July 2018.

The all people shares didn’t look good with four nights in single figures. However there was also a win all people on Monday thanks to The Masked Singer, putting the channel back at #1 overall for the first time since MasterChef wrapped.

SBS Week 38

Primary share: 6.7% (6.1%)
Network share: 9.7% (9.6%)
Multichannels: Viceland 1.4% (1.6%) Food 0.7% (0.7%) NITV 0.1% (0.2%) World Movies 0.8% (1.0%)

Share edged higher again thanks to the Tour de France. However The World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys held onto top spot with 322,000 for a trip across northern Spain on Thursday.

The Michael Portillo-hosted Great Asian Railway Journeys was not far behind though with a series final visit to Singapore pulling a crowd of 306,000 on Tuesday.

* Figures in brackets are Week 37 shares.

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