Week 36 TV: Nine’s narrow primary win, Seven #1 network

The block bedroom

• The final episode of Veraon (ABC) had an audience of 713,000

The Block screened on four nights last week and Nine won the night each time it was on air, despite lower numbers for the renovation program this year so far.

Seven then ranked #1 each night it had AFL – Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The primary and network shares for Nine and Seven were both down week-on-week, while 10, ABC and SBS lifted in both measures.

Nine has started to break out the ratings for the reveal of The Block room winner in the Sunday episode, giving the episode two audience figures.

The other Top 20 performance worth noting is the appearance of the final episode of this run of Veraon the ABC with an audience of 713,000.

Nine Week 36

Primary share: 18.1% (19.3%)
Network share: 26.9% (27.7)%
Multichannels: GO! 3.2% (2.5%) Gem 2.3% (2.4%) 9Life 2.1% (2.2%) 9Rush 1.1% (1.2%)

The second weeks for Nine’s two major August/September franchises were down. While The Block had averages of 1,022,000/942,000 on Sunday, the rest of the week trended downward with audiences of 744,000, 692,000 and 651,000 across the following three nights.

Halifax-Retribution had audiences of 521,000 and 469,000 in week 35, in week 36 that number was 478,000 for one episode on Tuesday.

Seven Week 36

Primary share: 18.0% (19.3%)
Network share: 27.9% (28.9%)
Multichannels: 7TWO 3.8% (3.6%) 7mate 3.9% (3.7%) 7flix 2.2% (2.2%)

Seven’s smaller share wasn’t helped by Plate of Originwhich launched with 667,000 and then did 510,000 Monday and a worrying 419,000 on Tuesday.

Seven’s only other 500,000+ entertainment offerings were Home and Away on 558,000 and Better Homes and Gardens on 545,000.

ABC Week 36

Primary share: 13.6% (12.8%)
Network share: 17.9% (17.1%)
Multichannels: Kids/Comedy 2.4% (2.4%) ME 0.4% (0.4%) News 1.5% (1.5%)

As mentioned above, Vera ended its run in the top 20 and over 700,000.

Brush with Fame and Hard Quiz were both just under 700,000 while Shetland did 658,000, Australian Story was on 650,000 and the first episode of Further Back in Time for Dinner was on 582,000.

10 Week 36

Primary share 11.2% (10.8%)
Network share: 17.4% (17.0%)
Multichannels: Bold 4.1% (4.0%) Peach 2.1% (2.2%)

Two nights of The Masked Singer remain the channel’s best with 938,000/729,000 on Sunday and 797,000/681,000 on Tuesday.

The other program cracking the top 20 for the week was Have You Been Paying Attention? which continues to improve – up from 701,000 to 767,000 this week.

Sundays remain an Achilles’ heel for 10 with share of 7.4% as Family Feud could only manage 249,000.

SBS Week 36

Primary share: 6.3% (5.8%)
Network share: 9.9% (9.4%)
Multichannels: Viceland 1.5% (1.5%) Food 0.8% (0.9%) NITV 0.2% (0.3%) World Movies 1.1% (1.0%)

Train, trains and the Tour de France helped lift the primary channel’s share this week. The first full week of the delayed Tour de France helped boost late night share.

The most watched shows overall were again The World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys on 320,000 and Great Asian Railway Journeys on 256,000. Even Walking Britain’s Lost Railways did well with 189,000.

 * Figures in brackets are Week 35 shares.

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