Week 32 TV: Ninja Warrior delivers as Nine #1 channel & network

Bachelor in Paradise

This is the first time Nine has won both primary channel and combined channel share since the first week of June.

After Seven’s mid-year winning streak, Nine has recovered and just posted its second consecutive primary channel win. This is the first time Nine has won both primary channel and combined channel share since the first week of June.

Nine was also ranked #1 in Sydney and Brisbane, with Seven leading in AFL markets.

Nine Week 32

Ninja Warrior

Primary share: 19.9% (20.2%)
Network share: 28.7 (28.4)%
Multichannels: GO! 2.9% (2.6%) Gem 2.5% (2.4%) 9Life 2.2% (2.0%) 9Rush 1.2% (1.1%)

Powering Nine’s win in addition to its news and current affairs offerings was Australian Ninja Warrior with its final full week where the three episodes screened were the three most-watched entertainment shows. Nine wanted a big audience for the final last night and was revealing that someone finally scales Mount Midoriyama to become Australia’s first ever Ninja Warrior before it happened.

Nine’s next best primetime offering was Emergency on 507,000.

Seven Week 32

Primary share: 18.7% (20.0%)
Network share: 28.5% (30.0%)
Multichannels: 7TWO 3.7% (3.5%) 7mate 3.9% (4.7%) 7flix 2.2% (1.9%)

Seven’s run of network wins came to an end with primary share down alongside a dip for 7mate. While Farmer Wants a Wife and AFL delivered again, they didn’t quite deliver enough. Farmer delivered competitive audiences of 792,000 and 740,000. Tuesday night was the week spot again in the schedule up against a third night of Ninja Warrior.

ABC Week 32

Hard Quiz

Primary share: 12.8% (11.8%)
Network share: 17.6% (16.6%)
Multichannels: Kids/Comedy 2.4% (2.6%) ME 0.5% (0.4%) News 2.0% (1.8%)

Four consecutive shares above 14% set up the primary channel for a good week. The channel ended up posting its best share in 10 weeks. After ABC News, Hard Quiz was the entertainment champ on 747,000. Also finding a spot in the week’s top 20 were the return of Anh’s Brush with Fame (685,000) and Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell (682,000).

10 Week 32

Primary share 10.0% (10.1%)
Network share: 16.0% (16.3%)
Multichannels: Bold 3.8% (4.0%) Peach 2.2% (2.3%)

The channel is promoting next week as the biggest week of 2020. If that’s right it will come after the worst week of 2020 where primary share and network numbers hit a survey year low. The performance didn’t dent the 2020 year-on-year growth trend though which still looks good. The channel’s best was Have You Been Paying Attention? on 597,000 plus three episodes of Bachelor in Paradise (600,000, 576,000 and 517,000).

SBS Week 32

Primary share: 5.6% (5.1%)
Network share: 9.2% (8.7%)
Multichannels: Viceland 1.4% (1.5%) Food 0.9% (0.8%) NITV 0.2% (0.2%) World Movies 1.0% (1.1%)

The network had its best combined channel share in a month and its second-best share since April. The key to the growth was the primary channel which had its equal best share of 2020. The best night of the week was Thursday where a strong crowd over 200,000 watched two hours of a repeat of a Walt Disney doco. The biggest single audience though was for Tuesday’s Great Asian Railway Journeys with 323,000.

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