Week 27 TV Ratings: Seven makes it four consecutive weeks at #1

Big Brother week 27

• Big Brothers episodes were all close to 700,000 as the franchise continues to lower the age of Seven’s audience.

A familiar pattern played out again during week 27. And it wasn’t just Seven winning its fourth consecutive week all people and in key demos. The weekday results have been unchanged during that time too – Nine won Sunday and Monday with help from The Voice before Seven then takes over winning the five remaining nights of the week.

Seven Week 27

Seven again dominated at 6pm for its News bulletin on every night of the week.
The three episodes of Big Brother were next best with all close to 700,000 as the franchise continues to lower the age of Seven’s audience.
The channel’s other key contributors to the primetime victory were AFL, Home and Away, America’s Got Talent, Better Homes and Gardens and The Front Bar.
Sunrise had another winning week too with an average of 289,000 on weekdays.

Primary all people 20.2% (Last week 20.7%)
Network all people 28.8% (30.5%)
Multichannels 7TWO 3.3% (3.4%) 7mate 3.4% (4.0%) 7flix 1.8% (2.1%)

Nine Week 27

The final episodes of The Voice battle rounds had audiences of 867,000 on Sunday and 775,000 on Monday – along with Nine News and A Current Affair they were the only entries in the top 20.
60 Minutes showed up in the top 30 for the week while Paramedics made the top 40.

 Primary all people 18.0% (Last week 17.9%)
Network all people 26.5% (25.9%)
Multichannels GO! 2.7% (2.5%), Gem 2.4% (2.3%), 9Life 2.1% (2.2%), 9Rush 1.3% (1.1%)

10 Week 27

MasterChef ep 53

The three episodes of MasterChef were the key performers as they were again all around 950,000 or higher and again all earned a spot in the top 10 for the week.
Have You Been Paying Attention? had its biggest audience for several weeks and was safely above 800,000.
There’s a bit of a gap though to the channel’s next best though with The Project 7pm on 510,000.
The Living Room returned to the schedule, making Friday night a bit more competitive with an audience of 468,000.
MasterChef Australia was up 50% compared to its 2019 average while Have You Been Paying Attention? was up 9% compared to its 2019 average. The Living Room new-look season kicked off on Friday night with its biggest launch since 2016 and was up 14% compared to its 2019 launch.
The Dog House lifted 10’s audience timeslot on Saturday 85% compared to its 2019 average.

Primary all people 12.5% (Last week 11.9%)
Network all people 19.0% (18.3%)
Multichannels 10 Bold 4.1% (4.0%), 10 Peach 2.4% (2.4%)

ABC Week 27

ABC News was the only programming over 700,000 with Back Roads the next best on 639,000 followed by 7.30 on 622,000.
Pushing above half a million were Four Corners, Foreign Correspondent, Home Delivery, Media Watch, while The Weekly was oh-so-close on 499,000.

Primary all people 11.7% (Last week 12.3%)
Network all people 16.8% (17.1%)
Multichannels Kids/Comedy 2.6% (2.7%), News 2.0% (1.7%), ME 0.5% (0.5%)

SBS Week 27

The primary channel had its best share in eight weeks. The biggest difference was the Saturday share which was boosted week-on-week by Extreme Railway Journeys and then two hours of Life Drawing Live with Rove hosting.
The channel’s best was Who Do You Think You Are? which climbed above 400,000 again for the Julie Bishop episode.

Primary all people 5.2% (Last week 4.6%)
Network all people 8.9% (8.1%)
Multichannels Viceland 1.4% (1.5%), Food 0.9% (1.1%), NITV 0.2% (0.2%), World Movies 1.2% (0.8%)

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