Week 26 TV: Seven takes another week, but MasterChef 7.30pm star

• Week 26 was all about Seven again as it posted its third consecutive weekly win.

What a year it’s been – January started with much of eastern Australia blanketed in smoke and ash followed soon after by a pandemic that had the whole country on edge.

While June 30 marks the halfway mark of the calendar year, there are two more weeks to go until the end of the first half of the survey year.

As 10 started its year on January 5 with the launch of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! it is using this week to analyse its six months ratings performance. (See separate interview with 10’s Beverley McGarvey.)

Week 26 was all about Seven again as it posted its third consecutive weekly win.

Week-on-week Nine was steady in second place on 17.9%, while 10 was marginally lower, drifting from 12.1% to 11.9%.

Seven Week 26

A third consecutive winning week for Seven with share up week-on-week from 20.1% to 20.7%. In addition to winning all people, Seven has claimed top spot for its primary channel and network 25-54 and 16-39.
The victory was again driven by Big Brother and AFL combining with Seven’s existing programming strengths.
Seven won key demos and total people across five nights of week 26. It was able to report significant week-on-week and year-on-year growth for both the primary channel and network in the demos and all people.

Primary all people 20.7% (Last week 20.1%)
Network all people 30.5% (29.5%)
Multichannels 7TWO 3.5% (3.4%) 7mate 4.2% (4.0%) 7flix 2.1% (2.1%)

Nine Week 26

The Voice battle rounds kept Nine #1 on Sunday and Monday in week 26, but it then dropped away to second place for the remaining five nights.
Nine leads the year-to-date in all people and key demos, and reported year-on-year growth for its 6pm news hour.

Primary all people 17.9% (Last week 17.9%)
Network all people 25.9% (26.6%)
Multichannels GO! 2.5% (2.9%), Gem 2.3% (2.5%), 9Life 2.2% (2.0%), 9Rush 1.1% (1.3%)

10 Week 26

Only three episodes of MasterChef again but they gave 10 key victories in the 7.30pm timeslot.
In Week 26, Network 10 continued its streak of year-on-year commercial share growth every week in 2020. Network 10 and 10 and grew their audiences compared with the same week in 2019 and lifted 6% and 4% respectively in under 50s. 10 Bold has now achieved 73 consecutive weeks of year-on-year audience growth, while 10 Peach has achieved 23 consecutive weeks of year-on-year growth.
Across the week, MasterChef Australia was the #1 entertainment franchise. 10 secured four of the top 10 shows in under 50s and all key age groups (25 to 54s, 16 to 39s and 18 to 49s), including the top three shows in under 50s and the top four shows in all key age groups. This was thanks to MasterChef Australia and Have You Been Paying Attention?
One episode of MasterChef was close to 1m with the other two just over 950,000. Have You Been Paying Attention? dropped just under 800,000.

Primary all people 11.9% (Last week 12.1%)
Network all people 18.3% (18.6%)
Multichannels 10 Bold 4.0% (4.1%), 10 Peach 2.4% (2.4%)

ABC Week 26

The channel was up a little to 12.3% with Back Roads the most-watched show after News and 7.30 with 604,000.
The mid-week double of The Weekly and Home Delivery were next best with both close to 550,000. Also over half a million was Tuesday’s Foreign Correspondent on 522,000.

Primary all people 12.3% (Last week 12.1%)
Network all people 17.1% (16.8%)
Multichannels Kids/Comedy 2.7% (2.7%), News 1.7% (1.5%), ME 0.5% (0.4%)

SBS Week 26

Share was down marginally week-on-week from 4.8% to 4.6%. Who Do You Think You Are? remained the channel’s most-watched show although the Kat Stewart episode dropped to just under 300,000. Not far behind it was Wednesday’s Tony Robinson’s World By Rail on 277,000.

Primary all people 4.6% (Last week 4.8%)
Network all people 8.1% (8.6%)
Multichannels Viceland 1.5% (1.3%), Food 1.1% (1.1%), NITV 0.2% (0.3%), World Movies 0.8% (1.0%)

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