Week 23 TV: Nine wins six nights with The Voice, NRL again key

Nine holds at #1, 10 takes points in demos at 7.30pm

Week 23 TV: Nine wins six nights with The Voice, NRL again key

The Voice was again key to Nine’s win this week with the channel ranking #1 all people in primary and network share on six nights across the week. The NRL gave Nine stations in Sydney and Brisbane a lift on Thursday and Friday.

Seven Week 23
Seven News continued to rank #1 in its timeslot at 6pm across seven nights of the week. Similarly Sunrise was again the leader albeit with its average weekday audience down to 281,000. The gap between Seven’s breakfast product and Nine’s is still substantial, although the gap narrowed week-on-week from 87,000 to 58,000.
In primetime it is hard to find any other timeslot winners. Seven’s best result at 7.30pm was the penultimate Sunday of House Rules: High Stakes with audiences of 605,000 and 597,000 watching a double episode. Will we be able to summarise three nights of improved 7.30pm audiences next week as Big Brother takes over the key timeslot?

Primary all people 17.3% (Last week 17.2%)
Network all people 25.8% (25.7%)
Multichannels 7TWO 3.4% (3.2%) 7mate 3.1% (3.3%) 7flix 2.0% (2.0%)

Nine Week 23
The Voice again managed to claim victory at 7.30pm although it was close all people on Tuesday with revised numbers showing the gap just 1,000 between the singers on Nine and the cooks on 10. The singing show didn’t lead in the key demos though.
A Current Affair just snuck into the top 20 for the week with 735,000, down from 767,000 the previous week.
The only other primetime programs over half a million were 60 Minutes on 716,000 and Paramedics on 530,000.

Primary all people 20.2% (Last week 20.7%)
Network all people 28.6% (28.8%)
Multichannels GO! 2.7% (2.4%), Gem 2.7% (2.7%), 9Life 1.9% (2.1%), 9Rush 1.2% (1.0%)

10 Week 23
Another good week of performances in key demographics with the ViacomCBS broadcaster reporting Channel 10 was #2 in under 50s and 25 to 54s, and #1 in 16 to 39s and 18 to 49s while Network 10 was #2 in under 50s, 25 to 54s and 18 to 49s, and #1 in 16 to 39s.
The five MasterChef episodes were there most-watched five programs under 50 and the all people audiences ranged from 1.028m on Wednesday to 926,000 on Tuesday.
Have You Been Paying Attention? continues to hold above 800,000 and last week recorded its biggest ever episode five audience, easily won its timeslot and continues to smash its 2019 average.
Also well up on its 2019 average was The Project with a weekly average of 559,000 at 7pm, steady from the same number in week 22.
10 Bold maintained its weekly winning streak at the #1 multichannel.

Primary all people 14.2% (Last week 14.3%)
Network all people 20.5% (20.3%)
Multichannels 10 Bold 4.0% (3.7%), 10 Peach 2.2% (2.2%)

ABC Week 23
It was only news and current affairs show which made it over 600,000 this week:
ABC News 775,000, ABC News Sunday 752,000, ABC News Saturday 730,000, Australian Story 717,000 and Four Corners 611,000.
7.30 was on 597,000.
Next best was the final episode of Miriam Margolyes Almost Australian on 571,000.
Operation Buffalo debuted strongly on 555,000.

Primary all people 12.4% (Last week 12.2%)
Network all people 17.3% (16.8%)
Multichannels Kids/Comedy 2.7% (2.5%), News 1.8% (1.6%), ME 0.5% (0.5%)

SBS Week 23
The Cameron Daddo episode of Who Do You Think You Are? recorded the series’ smallest audience yet, but the 320,000 watching easily keeps it the broadcaster’s #1.
Next best was the final episode of The World’s Most Beautiful Railway on 256,000.

Primary all people 4.4% (Last week 4.6%)
Network all people 7.8% (8.4%)
Multichannels Viceland 1.2% (1.4%), Food 1.1% (1.0%), NITV 0.1% (0.2%), World Movies 1.0% (1.1%)

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