TV Report March 6, 2024: Sara’s bombshell secret shocks the Cocktail Party on MAFS

TV Report

Celeste Barber chatted with The Project.

TV Report March 6, 2024:

Nine TV Report

Married at First Sight

Nine’s evening began with the couples returning from an explosive retreat on Married at First Sight. 

As couples got ready for the next Dinner Party, Jade and Ridge celebrated a milestone when Ridge was introduced to Jade’s daughter for the first time. 

Timothy was still upset for Tristan after Jack made a whale reference around the pool at the retreat while he and Tristan were in proximity – he wants Jack to answer for it. Meanwhile, Tristan explains that he’s struggling thinking he’s the “fat dude in the group”.

Jack chatted with Tori explaining it’s been hard for him to get past the whale comment but that it was just a joke. He thinks people are getting annoyed by them and that they’re just jealous of their relationship. 

Sara and Tim have returned closer than ever after the retreat. But unbeknownst to Tim, Eden is holding onto information that Sara met up with her ex-boyfriend behind Tim’s back and plans to tell him at the Dinner Party. 

Eden tells Sara that Jayden saw a message on her phone from her and is giving her the opportunity to tell Tim what she did, otherwise, they will tell him. Sara tells Tim she ran into her ex, before Eden tells her to be honest. Sara admits that she met up with her ex but that it wasn’t for a date. Tim physically recoils from her and moves away before asking for details. 

Sara re-joins the table and admits she lied to Tim but denies anything happening with her ex. The group and Tim don’t buy her story and Tim tells Sara and the group that she’s a liar. 

Sara admits that while her ex had a partner, she did sleep with him, but that she didn’t cheat on Tim. Jayden explains that cheating is not just physical before Sara begins yelling that she’s never ever cheated on a partner. Sara walks off from the table alone, demanding that she wants to leave. Tim tells Eden he’s defeated and doesn’t know how he will trust Sara again. 

A Current Affair

Over on A Current Affair, the program investigated how contractors remain out-of-pocket while a builder, who is $3 million in debt returns to construction sites under a new business name.

Seven TV Report

The Front Bar

The Front Bar featuring Sam Pang, Mick Molloy and Andy Maher was next on Seven as they shared a laugh about the world AFL and caught up with stars of yesteryear and today, ahead of the AFL 2024 season beginning this weekend.

Home & Away

Earlier in the night was Home & Away as Tane’s troubles escalated, Valerie tried to hide her suffering and Dana’s apology was unwelcome. 

10 TV Report

The Project

The Project on 10 reported on the Green’s proposing a radical housing proposal, met with an Aussie fashion designer taking on Kylie Jenner and chatted with comedian Celeste Barber. 

Ambulance Australia

On 10’s Ambulance Australia, the program followed NSW paramedics on the longest night of the year, the end of daylight saving. They deal with a diabetic coma, a rescue from a burning car, an anaphylactic child and an explosion in Chinatown. 



On 7:30, the program highlighted a woman’s disappearance that went unnoticed for 13 years, revealing she’d been dead all along. Plus, Australia’s economy grew by a sluggish 0.2 per cent from October to December and 1.5 per cent over the whole year, according to new data. 

Hard Quiz

Hard Quiz saw Tom Gleeson quiz contestants on women in Greek Mythology, pop queen Shania Twain, the 7-up documentary series and the world of spices. 


Australia’s Sleep Revolution

On Australia’s Sleep Revolution, insomniac Dr Michael Mosley travels to Australia to enlist in a world-first, two-month sleep treatment program at the Flinders University Sleep Institute.

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