Australian Avocados campaign by Thinkerbell spurs national hunt for ‘Avo King’

Australian Avocados (Hort Innovation) campaign by Thinkerbell spurs national hunt for Avo King

The work is Thinkerbell’s first for Hort Innovation since Mediaweek revealed it won the account

Thinkerbell has produced its first for Australian Avocados since Mediaweek revealed the independent creative agency won the Hort Innovation account.

Hort Innovation is a grower-owned, non-profit organisation that oversees research and development for Australia’s horticulture industry, valued at over $16 billion. In addition to Australian Avocados, its portfolio includes Australian Apples, Australian Cherries, Australian Mangoes, and Australian Mushrooms.

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Thinkerbell’s creative and earned campaign, Av you seen this man?’, leveraged the media attention around an enigmatic figure dubbed the “Avo King,” prompting a search for the man who gained notoriety for his unconventional avocado-eating habits. 

The Avo King made his debut on the public stage during a Carlton football match, where he was spotted indulging in an avocado with a spoon, drawing astonishment from onlookers accustomed to more traditional stadium fare.

One commentator remarked, “times have changed here in Carlton, that used to be a bowl of pasta, once upon a time.”

With the nation joining the quest to unravel the mystery, the Avo King was identified as Joe Rumoro of Victoria.

Following the identity reveal, Rumoro made an appearance on the Today Show where he detailed his preference for his snacking style, citing its health benefits, easiness to eat and versatility. During the broadcast, Sarah Abo confessed she previously believed herself to be the sole enthusiast of eating avocado with a spoon.


As a result of the campaign’s impact, Rumoro garnered further attention from local media platforms like 3AW and the Herald Sun.

Mediaweek uncovered Thinkerbell had won the full-service Hort Innovation account pitch, spanning creative, media, public relations, and social, following a competitive in February.

TBWA previously held the creative, PR, and social accounts. Atomic 212 was the brand’s media agency, appointed in early 2020. 

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Client: Australian Avocados (Hort Innovation)
Creative & Earned: Thinkerbell

Top Image: Joe Rumoro (aka Avo King)

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