TV ratings October 28: The Block #1 entertainment + Mitch Johnson retires from SAS Australia

SAS Australia

• Big Audiences correct forecast for Big Weather & Trump Show

• Seven ranks #1 network, Nine #1 primary, 10 Bold #1 multi
• Hell week was tough, so is restoring The Block’s facades
• Reality surprise: Cricketer retires hurt from SAS Australia
• Big Audiences correct forecast for Big Weather & Trump Show

Primetime News
Seven News 973,000/950,000
Nine News 945,000,945,000
ABC News 718,000
10 News First 327,000/208,000
SBS World News 172,000

Daily current affairs
A Current Affair 762,000
7.30 618,000
The Project 304,000/496,000
The Drum 192,000

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 250,000
Today 220,000
News Breakfast 209,000

Late night news
The Latest 120,000
Nine News Late 105,000
ABC News Late 61,000
SBS World News Late 31,000


Seven: Home and Away started on 582,000 Monday and was close again on 570,000.

Episode four of SAS Australia and the third withdrawal from the series. It looked like Firass or Jackson would be going home, but it turned out to be former fast bowler Mitchell Johnson. The series ended its second week on 676,000, its first time under 700,000.

The Tuesday movie was 2018’s The Meg, an encounter with the largest marine predator ever, a giant shark, with 287,000 watching. 

Nine: A Current Affair went from 816,000 on Monday to 762,000 on Tuesday.

The Block chronicled the challenges of installing gardens and facades on the Brighton houses. Everybody had their challenges, particularly Harry and Tash plus Sarah and George. The Tuesday episode was on 819,000 after 793,000 a week ago.

Episode two of The Trump Show was on 417,000 after launching with 486,000.

10: An audience of 496,000 watched Waleed Aly questioning Fiona O’Loughlin about her autobiography. She didn’t seem to fully grasp his question about whether we should be believing her this time about her sobriety. “I don’t really care,” she replied. A strange response on a publicity tour to get people to invest in her story.

Noodles were on the menu in the Junior MasterChef kitchen with 474,000 watching after 470,000 on Tuesday last week.

A repeat episode of Ambulance Australia was then on 317,000.

ABC: The second episode of Outback Ringer was on 423,000 at 8pm after launching to 392,000.

The final episode of Big Weather (And how to survive it) saw host Craig Reucassel learning about surviving raging floodwaters. The episode ended with Reucassel recapping some of the learnings from the three episodes and then sausages on the grill at a community BBQ. The series ended on 411,000 after 369,000 and 468,000 for the first two episodes.

SBS: The repeat episode of Every Family Has a Secret was on 188,000.

Then followed an episode of Insight about Family Estrangement which was on 193,000.

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