TV Ratings October 2: The Good Doctor and the Good Queen powerful combo for Seven

Mediaweek editor James Manning examines last night’s TV ratings.

• The Good Doctor and the Good Queen powerful combo for Seven
• The Block’s Terrace Week keeps Nine #1 along east coast
• Brian gives new meaning to Survivor on biggest episode this season


The channel had its best Tuesday for a while with a primary and combined channel share win.

Home and Away was just under 600,000 after starting the week just over that mark.

Seven is loading up on royal family programming this week (and next – see our item about Princess Eugenie’s wedding) and the ITV-commissioned Queen Of The World did a healthy 691,000. It wasn’t a bad number, but it still ranked Seven third in the slot. The ITV doco premiered in the US on HBO this week too.

Seven then went with The Good Doctor, which saw the audience lift marginally to 712,000, enough to easily win the timeslot, well ahead of Hamish and Andy.


Nine was knocked off by Seven last night, but it managed to keep a lead along the east coast with a #1 finish in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

After a 900,000+ audience on Monday, A Current Affair backed up with 843,000.

Work started in earnest on Terrace Week on The Block as the apartments in Fitzroy Street, St Kilda near completion. The series will screen on Thursday this week after starting a day late because of the football. The Tuesday episode did 960,000, winning its timeslot.

True Story With Hamish And Andy followed with a new episode on 562,000 (593,000 last week) and a repeat on 440,000.


A different mix of stories last night with the 7pm half featuring an echidna allergic to ants and a baby that was delivered in a car. The half hour was on 517,000.

Australian Survivor always gets interesting near the end and five became four last night. The amazing Brian Lake dodged a bullet again. He used a hidden immunity idol, which he could have hung onto as he received no votes at Tribal Council. He looked pretty shattered afterward. The episode drew the biggest audience so far this season – 732,000.

Two episodes of Bull followed on 271,000 and then 241,000.


The second episode of Exposed: The Case Of Keli Lane uncovered some new evidence and some puzzled looks from those investigating the case. After launching with 558,000 last week, it was on 514,000 last night.

Tick Fucking Tock, part one of producer Ted Robinson’s look back at the Doug Anthony All Stars, featured some great footage and interviews with the members and former Big Gig host Wendy Harmer, who spoke about how huge the band became after their appearances on the series. The episode did 333,000.


Plenty of reasons to watch the channel last night. However, the biggest audience was again at 7.30pm for Great Continental Railway Journeys in Switzerland – 263,000.

The first part of CJZ’s Go Back To Where You Came From Live was good to its title with lots of live crosses with the participants in relatively dangerous places in three different countries. The season launched with 236,000.

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