TV ratings October 12: The Block and HYBPA? perform well + Junior MasterChef improves

Junior MasterChef

• The Block and Have You Been Paying Attention? lead entertainment

• The Block and Have You Been Paying Attention? lead entertainment
• Border Security back for one week, Junior MasterChef improves

Primetime News
Seven News 1,052,000/1,012,000
Nine News 937,000/901,000
ABC News 753,000
10 News First 300,000/197,000
SBS World News 167,000

Daily current affairs
A Current Affair 748,000
7.30 643,000
The Project 306,000/497,000
The Drum 200,000

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 258,000
Today 236,000
News Breakfast 179,000

Late night news
Nine News Late 233,000
The Latest 144,000
ABC Late News 108,000
World News Late 47,000

Monday TV 

Seven: Home and Away started the week with 544,000 after a week 41 average of 538,000.

Border Security: Australia’s Front Line got a weeknight primetime slot for this Monday only with two episodes after 7.30pm on 331,000 and 339,000.

The Monday movie was 2018’s Crazy Rich Asians on 318,000.

Nine: A Current Affair had an average of 720,000 across the weekday episodes last week and started this week on 748,000.

The Block featured some of the fallout teased on Sunday – Sarah and George giving the judges a message and Keith and Harry having a blow-up. There was also a lengthy promo for a Ford Mustang, transporting Tash to other ad partners. The Monday episode was on 863,000 after 898,000 last week.

RBT was then on late again with an hour starting about 8.45pm with 386,000 watching.

After the Late News, 100% Footy was on 57,000 and Footy Classified did 131,000.

10: Junior MasterChef Australia didn’t have a dream debut with 524,000 on Sunday, but it climbed a little last night to 546,000 watching episode two.

Have You Been Paying Attention? managed to grow the audience to 628,000 with Marty Sheargold, Abby Coleman and Melanie Bracewell joining Ed and Sam on episode 24 for 2020. The number was up from 599,000 last week.

Drunk History Australia then did 241,000.

ABC: Australian Story was part one of the story of Di McDonald and a man who terrorised her for years with 619,000 watching.

Four Corners looked how Tinder is helping facilitate sexual assault in an investigation in partnership with triple j Hack for the audience of 553,000.

Media Watch followed on 478,000 and then Q+A did 245,000 with a program with guest Anthony Albanese. Host Hamish Macdonald noted Albanese may not have been first choice though after successive knockbacks from the PM and treasurer.

SBS: Episode four of How the Victorians Built Britain saw the primetime audience on 205,000.

It was followed by 24 Hours in Emergency on 148,000.

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