TV Ratings October 1: Jimmy Barnes doco lifts Seven’s Monday share

Mediaweek editor James Manning examines last night’s TV ratings.

• Jimmy Barnes: Working Class Boy lifts Seven’s Monday share
• But The Block reveal strong enough to secure Nine top spot


Seven’s Monday share has been on a rollercoaster rider these past few weeks. In week 38 the Monday share was 14.1%. It nearly doubled a week later to 27.1%, thanks to the Brownlow Medal coverage. The shares settled back a little last night to 22.5%, which was enough to make Seven very competitive, narrowly trailing Nine in primary and combined channel share.

Helping Seven’s numbers was the screening of the wonderful CJZ documentary Jimmy Barnes: Working Class Boy (pictured), which came to TV just weeks after screening in cinemas. The compelling story about a childhood in Glasgow and then Adelaide for one of Australia’s greatest-ever entertainers screened at 8.30pm through until close to 11pm with an audience of 733,000.

Earlier in the night Home and Away started a new week on 609,000 after a week 39 average of 578,000.

CJZ is also the producer of Highway Patrol, which did just on half a million for Seven after 7.30pm. It was part of an ob doc hour that also featured Motorbike Cops, which did 570,000.


A Current Affair had a brilliant start to the week with 920,000 tuning in for the first episode in the last week before daylight saving kicks in. The episode had the biggest audience for the show since April 23 and it was the biggest Sydney audience for the year. The ACA average audience last week was 747,000. The Monday episode reported on the mysterious death of Ocean Grove mum Samantha Kelly this year and the show reported her husband asked for a six-figure amount to tell his story.

Because of Nine’s Sunday night NRL Grand Final The Block’s re-do rooms weren’t revealed until last night. There was also a Blockheads family reunion early in the show with many tears being shed. The Monday audience of 1.33m was the biggest crowd for a Monday episode this season.

Doctor Doctor then followed with 565,000.


Entertainment industry icons last night filled the second half of The ProjectJudith Lucy and then Paul McCartney. The episode was on 492,000 after a 7pm average of 484,000 last week.

Australian Survivor is down to the final five and Brian Lake managed to dodge some bullets again last night although without immunity he could be in big trouble tonight. The episode did 645,000 after 629,000 a week ago.

Have You Been Paying Attention? had a rare night under 600,000. Its audience of 580,000 comes after 635,000 a week ago when it clashed with the Brownlow Medal coverage. Tom Gleisner returned to the show after Dr Chris Brown hosted last week.


Laura Tingle was the host of 7.30 last night with an audience of 558,000. The program’s week 39 average was 588,000.

Australian Story then did 503,000 followed by Four Corners on 461,000.

Media Watch kept most of the Four Corners audience with 456,000 staying with the channel.

Q&A then returned to the timeslot with 278,000.


Anything about travelling around Britain performs well and the new series from anatomist, osteoarchaeologist, physical anthropologist, palaeopathologist, television presenter and author Dr Alice Roberts did very well. The series is Britain’s Most Historic Towns and it started in Chester with 292,000 watching.

The final of Hugh’s Fat Fight did 120,000 and then 24 Hours In Emergency was on 133,000.

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