TV ratings November 23: SAS Australia hard on Erin in penultimate episode

SAS Australia

• Have You Been Paying Attention? wraps its year a timeslot winner

• Final week of survey: Seven #1 primary/network, 10 Bold #1 multi
• SAS Australia hard on Erin in penultimate episode, #1 entertainment
• Have You Been Paying Attention? wraps its year a timeslot winner

Primetime News
Seven News 975,000/995,000
Nine News 935,000/869,000
ABC News 700,000
10 News First 325,000/206,000
SBS World News 162,000

Daily current affairs
7.30 700,000
A Current Affair 682,000
The Project 278,000/474,000
The Drum 164,000

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 284,000
Today 216,000
News Breakfast 202,000

Late Night News
The Latest 144,000
Nine News Late 136,000
ABC Late News 124,000
SBS World News Late 54,000

Monday TV 

Seven: Home and Away again averaged close to 550,000 last week while the new week started with 611,000 last night.

SAS Australia was at times difficult to watch, not because of the gruelling tasks set, but because how Erin was singled out and forced to quit the series as they needed to get the numbers down ahead of the final tonight. She clearly didn’t want to go, but the nature of the series meant the end for the weakest link. The viewers need to toughen up as well as the recruits! The penultimate episode of the series was on 728,000, its first time over 700,000 since the third episode.

Two episodes of The Rookie then did 346,000 and 270,000.

Nine: A Current Affair was hosted from Melbourne last night with Tracey Grimshaw catching her first flight in 12 months. After averaging 623,000 last week, Monday was on 682,000.

An hour of Gold Coast Cops returned an audience of 420,000 and 355,000.

Nine’s James Bond season was up to 2015’s Spectre with 281,000 watching.

10: The Project looked at border re-openings with 474,000 at 7pm. The weeknight average last week was 423,000.

An hour of Bondi Rescue repeat episodes were on 155,000 and 145,000.

The final episode of Have You Been Paying Attention? didn’t have an ideal lead-in, but the format managed to lift the 10 audience to 661,000. And of course Ed Kavalee was again the winner. The program has done the heavy lifting for 10 across 30 episodes this year, usually ranking as the channel’s most-watched Monday show and sometimes #1 for the week too. Last night’s end-of-year special secured 10 its place as #2 Monday for viewers under 50, ahead of Nine and trailing Seven.

ABC: An amazing episode of Australian Story to end the year with 646,000 watching the life-affirming story of Mick and Katharine O’Dowd and the silent killer most people have never heard of.

The second episode of In the Face of Terror then did 334,000.

Media Watch had an audience of 379,000 followed by Q+A live from Penrith with 238,000.

SBS: Th final episode of Ireland’s Great House Revival had the biggest SBS audience with 175,000 after 7.30pm.

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