TV Ratings May 17: Lego Masters starts last week with a bang

• Plus: Nigella arrives, Sunday Night recovers, Harrow returns

Sunday Week 20 2019

• Lego Masters final week sees Maddy and Jimmy first out
• House Rules Sunday reveal pulls second best season crowd
• Plus: Nigella arrives, Sunday Night recovers, Harrow returns

 • Seven News 1,028,000
• Nine News 1,001,000
• ABC News 660,000
• The Project 218,000/378,000
• Insiders 295,000
• 10 News First 208,000
• Offsiders 153,000
• SBS World News 136,000

Breakfast TV

• Sunrise 255,000
• Today 181,000


The Sunday whole-house reveal gave House Rules its second-biggest audience since launch – 704,000. Sunday last week was 685,000.

Sunday Night then recovered with 607,000 after an audience just over 400,000 last week. The episode presented the first part of what reporter Matt Doran was up to during a recent trip to Africa that saw him detained by authorities.


Another good start to the week courtesy of Lego Masters. The first of the final three episodes saw Maddy and Jimmy eliminated from the contest for the cash. The episode did 1.12m, which is the second best audience this season after it launched with 1.37m back on April 28.

60 Minutes then did 492,000, which is its smallest audience this year. It was only a few weeks ago it was up over 1m.

Australian Crime Stories returned to its Sunday evening slot, but without as strong a lead-in as it has enjoyed in the past. The episode did 280,000. 


MasterChef was the channel’s best with 573,000, but despite the presence of Nigella Lawson, the down on the previous Sunday’s 638,000. Nigella even visited the MasterChef house to surprises the contestants when they arrived for breakfast still in their PJs.

The Project was on 378,000 at 7pm.

Highlights of the Montreal Comedy Festival did 231,000 later in the night.


The crime drama double didn’t pay off as well as it did a week earlier. The Sunday share dropped from 15.0% to 11.6% week-on-week.

Agatha Christie’s The ABC Murders did 485,000 after launching on 602,000.

The return of Harrow then did 455,000 for the start of its second season.


David Baddiel On The Silk Road was on 171,000 after 7.30pm, the channel’s biggest Sunday audience.

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