TV Ratings March 5: MAFS feuds TV Gold

• Best of the rest: Seven’s My Kitchen Rules & The Good Doctor

Tuesday: Week 10 2019

• MAFS feuds on homestays: “You’re f***ing rank” is TV gold
• More golden moments on Nine: Travel Guides teams visit India

• Seven News 949,000/913,000
• Nine News 852,000/869,000
• A Current Affair 775,000
• ABC News 727,000
• 7.30 529,000
• The Project 250,000/434,000
• 10 News First 390,000
• SBS World News 125,000

Breakfast TV

• Sunrise 291,000
• Today 187,000


Share jumped back above 21% as viewers moved away from 10 and ABC last night.

After 7pm Home And Away was on 585,000.

My Kitchen Rules got a modest boost after 700,000 on Monday became 753,000 last night.

The Good Doctor then did 563,000 after 543,000 a week ago.


Some more memorable moments for Married At First Sight with the audience ringside at another big blue. The Tuesday crowd was 1.282m after 1.261m a week ago. Audiences watching BVOD continue to lift too with episode eight of MAFS now with a VPM audience of 459,000 with a total of six episodes now over 400,000.

The Fren family and the rest of their Travel Guides colleagues had fun in India last night with the show hitting a new series high on 758,000.


Share was back below 10% with Ambulance Australia unable to reconnect with the audience who enjoyed the first season of the show last year. Ambulance Australia was on 366,000 last night. The first two episodes in its launch season had an average audience of 650,000.

The channel’s biggest audience was for The Project after 7pm with Jimeon one of the guests and another of the annual parade of Melbourne International Comedy Festival stars which pass through the show this month every year. The episode was on 434,000.

Later in the night NCIS did 239,000.


Foreign Correspondent had 380,000 watching Yaara Bou Melhem report from former ISIS territory.

A doco on Ruth Bader Ginsburg then did 316,000.


An abandoned cinema in Bradford was the destination on Michael Portillo’s Abandoned Britain with 185,000 the channel’s biggest audience.

Insight then did 128,000.

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