TV Ratings March 24: MAFS tops MKR finale + Survivor down to three

• Viewers can’t get enough: 13 of top 20 for news/current affairs

• My Kitchen Rules: The Rivals – redemption as Jake & Elle win
• Survivor down to final 3: David, Sharn and Moana battle it out for Sole Survivor

Seven News 6pm
Monday 1,234,000/1,211,000
Tuesday 1,275,000/1,232,000

The Latest Seven News
Monday 649,000
Tuesday 630,000

Nine News 6pm
Monday 1,193,000/1,171,000
Tuesday 1,196,000/1,141,000

A Current Affair
Monday 890,000
Tuesday 886,000

Nine News Special COVID-19
Monday 570,000
Tuesday 1,071,000

10 News First 5pm
Monday 571,000
Tuesday 525,000

10 News First 6pm
Monday 380,000
Tuesday 337,000

The Project 6.30/7pm
Monday 423,000/623,000
Tuesday 426,000/614,000

ABC News 7pm
Monday 955,000
Tuesday 997,000

Monday 911,000
Tuesday 873,000

SBS World News 6.30pm
Monday 192,000
Tuesday 189,000

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 379,000
Today 314,000
News Breakfast 301,000

Sunrise 347,000
Today 261,000
News Breakfast 271,000

Nine is getting close to the end on Married at First Sight. One more survey week before the Easter break and three more couples had their final dates last night. The episode is wedged between Nine News bulletins now and did 1,075,000, just a fraction below the number who stay tuned for the COVID-19 news special and the PM’s press conference.

Seven’s biggest primetime audiences were for its two hours of news from 6pm. Melissa Doyle returned to primetime co-hosting after 7pm with Michael Usher on The Latest. The big news crowds have helped lift the average Seven primetime primary channel audience up over 20% week-on-week so far.

The final episode of this season of My Kitchen Rules just might be the format’s final appearance. The episode did 553,000, but is a crowd that size now enough to get recommissioned? After being defeated by Dan and Steph in the season four Grand Final back in 2013 (in front of an audience of over 2m), Jake and Elle got their revenge by winning last night. The couple plan to use the $100,000 prize money to grow their Eat Street Northshore business (which is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions). Even though the 2019 series was down on previous years, that final 12 months ago still managed 875,000.

10’s best was the final four showdown on Australian Survivor: All Stars with a series high of 779,000 watching Brooke unable to win a critical immunity challenge to get her to the final episode. Going through to the final night’s battle are David, Sharn and Moana. Will either of the girls be able to win against David?

NCIS numbers look better on 496,000, but that is partly the PM’s press conference.

After ABC News and 7.30, Foreign Correspondent did 688,000. Revelation was then on 545,000 after launching with 454,000 a week ago. The show might have been impacted by PM’s press conference too.

On SBS Great Alaskan Railroad Journeys did 249,000. SBS 6.30pm World News came out of Canberra after a staff member testing positive for VOVID-19 closed the Sydney newsroom. That further impacted the Tuesday schedule with Insight on 131,000, Dateline on 119,000 and The Feed on 81,000.

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