TV Ratings July 15: Kieran leaves Big Brother + Bachelor in Paradise arrives

• 10’s Bachelor in Paradise launches #1 16-39, livestream record

• Seven #1 as Kieran leaves Big Brother, but not empty handed
• 10’s Bachelor in Paradise launches #1 16-39, livestream record
• Best of the rest: Emergency, Hard Quiz, Tony Robinson’s journey

Seven News 1,203,000/1,157,000
Nine News 1,081,000/995,000
ABC News 824,000
A Current Affair 762,000
7.30 696,000
The Project 351,000/595,000
10 News 401,000/248,000
Nine News Late Edition 398,000
The Latest: Seven News 307,000
Sunrise 269,000
News Breakfast 223,000
The Drum 221,000
Today 211,000
SBS World News 192,000

Wednesday TV

Seven: Home and Away is having a great week with Wednesday on 681,000 after audiences already of 695,000 and 677,000.
Big Brother served the housemates another curveball with Mat winning a game advantage. Then he unveiled his biggest twist yet – recent evictees Sophie and Kieran had been sheltering in the White Room. Dan, Mat, Chad and Sarah watched on as Kieran took Big Brother’s cash temptation, exiting the game with $15,000 from the main cash prize. Just as Seven’s production chief Andrew Backwell forecast here a few weeks ago! The Wednesday audience was 711,000, with Bachelor in Paradise attracting a slightly bigger 16-39 audience. Big Brother returns next Monday to start finals week.

White Room

Two great guests on The Front Bar with Santo Cilauro and then former Melbourne star (and father of Jack), Todd Viney. Special mention to The Front Bar researchers who did an amazing job building the clips folder for Viney. The episode did 383,000 with 247,000 in Melbourne.

Nine: A Current Affair’s audience held up well with 762,000 after 767,000 on Tuesday. The episode started with a look at lockdown restrictions in Victoria.
Three hours of factual followed with RBT on 534,000, the second episode of the new season of Emergency on 592,000 and then Botched on 112,000 from three markets.
Footy Classified was on 96,000 with 75,000 in Melbourne.

10: The launch of Bachelor in Paradise was featured on The Project plus there was an interview with Ellie Goulding. The episode did 595,000.
The launch of Bachelor in Paradise looked a little ordinary if measuring success by all people numbers. But the launch won the younger demo and was up on last year’s start.
Network 10’s head of programming Daniel Monaghan on last night’s Bachelor in Paradise commented: “We’re pleased with how Australians have welcomed the launch of season three of Bachelor in Paradise. It was the #1 show last night among 16 to 39s, set social media ablaze and generated countless water cooler moments – even if it’s the virtual water cooler this time around.
“This season will continue to captivate viewers, with cheeky fan favourites and plenty of drama finding its way onto the island. I’m confident Bachelor in Paradise will provide the fix of tropical escapism Australia needs right now.”
The launch had the highest livestream audience ever for a Bachelor in Paradise ep on 10 Play and up 201% from the 2019 launch.

 ABC: Hard Quiz had great night, ranking at #8 with 707,000, as it returned from a break.
The 100th episode of The Weekly with Charlie Pickering had bad news for Hard Chat fans, calling an end to the segment. The Weekly was on 642,000, a big jump from 534,000 a week ago.
The second week of Rosehaven then did 484,000 after launching with 468,000.

SBS: Sir Tony Robinson ended his journey around the world with a trip through Scandinavia, south from the arctic circle in Norway. The episode just missed the top 20 with 352,000.
The third episode of Who Gets to Stay in Australia was on 146,000.

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