TV Ratings April 22: MasterChef Mystery Box close to 1m

• Britain’s Got Talent outrates some local shows for Seven win

• MasterChef Mystery Box close to 1m – 10 #1 in key demos

Wednesday news highlights
Seven News 1,291,000/1,192,000
Nine News 1,135,000/1,106,000
ABC News 929,000
A Current Affair 852,000
7.30 779,000
The Project 359,000/615,000
10 News 466,000/293,000
Sunrise 314,000
The Drum 290,000
ABC News Breakfast 238,000
Today 238,000
The Latest 213,000
SBS World News 184,000
Morning Show 179,000
Nine Late News 156,000

Nine: A Current Affair kept most of the 864,000 watching on Tuesday with 852,000 for its midweek edition.Nine might not have local drama quota obligations this year, but that didn’t stop it offering Doctor Doctor in an early slot at 7.30pm. It seems to have caught the audience off guard though with 457,000 not as strong as the 500,000+ crowds it was getting with MAFS as a lead-in.
Paramedics actually managed to grow the Nine audience with 484,000 after 8.30pm.
The Late News is living up to its name with Nine testing the demand after New Amsterdam last night in some markets.
In Melbourne the Late News didn’t go to air until close to midnight with Footy Classified screening after 10.45pm to 66,000 (44,000 in Melbourne).

Seven: Home and Away had its third consecutive night close to 650,000.
The audience of 568,000 for 90 minutes of Britain’s Got Talent helped the channel win the night in primary all people share. It might be good news for the channel’s bookkeepers, but frustrating for program makers in that it had a bigger audience (just) than House Rules this week or Doctor Doctor last night.
Mrs Brown’s Boys then followed with a Christmas Special on 382,000.

10: The Project kept the crowd over 600,000 which 10 will be hoping might become the show’s new normal. Guests last night included the stars of The Secrets She Keeps.
On MasterChef it was time for a mystery box, this time with contents gathered by new judge Melissa Leong. The cook determined who will go into the fight for immunity tonight ahead of the elimination on Sunday. Without any other reality competition in the time slot the audience edged back closer to 1m with 994,000 watching.
The compelling new drama The Secrets She Keeps started with 399,000 after the show was available on 10 play some time ago. Made by Lingo Pictures, the company owned by Helen Bowden and Jason Stephens, must be the hottest drama producer in the business at present with its recent track record also including Lambs of God and Upright.

ABC: A 7.30 report on PPE (personal protestive equipment) price gouging was very timely with the show on 779,000.
Hard Quiz was on 723,000 after 734,000 a week ago. One of the contestants chose the Mazda MX5 as his specialist subject.
The final episode of this series of Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell then did 671,000 after 674,000 last week.

SBS: Britain’s Cathedrals with Tony Robinson did 270,000 as the host visited Canterbury Cathedral.
The launch of the drama Reprisal, from the makers of The Handmaid’s Tale, followed with 143,000 watching the first two episodes.

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