TV Ratings April 14: MasterChef and Gordon Ramsay win the night for 10

• As Nine sits out Easter week, House Rules hovers near 500,000

• Gordon Ramsay in full flight good for another 1m+ on MasterChef
• 10 wins second consecutive night as The Project pushes over 700k
• As Nine sits out Easter week, House Rules hovers near 500,000

Tuesday news highlights
Seven News 1,329,000/1,294,000
Nine News 1,140,000/1,098,000
ABC News 977,000
A Current Affair 794,000/541,000
The Project 453,000/720,000
7.30 707,000
10 News 507,000/363,000
Foreign Correspondent 457,000
The Latest 396,000
Sunrise 333,000
Nine News COVID-19 279,000
The Drum 275,000
ABC News Breakfast 247,000
Today 234,000
SBS World News 214,000
Dateline 213,000
The Morning Show 209,000
Insight 206,000

Nine: The David Attenborough Seven Worlds: One Planet episode on Asia did 397,000 after an hour of A Current Affair.

Seven: The remaining House Rules contestants are working at ground level this week on the first home reno with 499,000 watching last night after 548,000 and 630,000 earlier this week. Home and Away was on 699,000 after returning with 676,000 on Monday.

10: MasterChef Australia delivered again last night as the primary channel and the network were #1 for a second consecutive night. Gordon Ramsay was handling service for 120 guests that the 24 Back to Win contestants had to serve. Seeing the British chef in full flight is quite spectacular, although he was relatively well-behaved compared to his US TV theatrics. For the second night Poh managed to dodge a bullet as the show works its way towards eliminating the first contestant next week. The franchise had its best opening in five years on Monday, and last night was the best second episode number since 2011 with 1,095,000. The year-on-year episode two number was up 62%.

The Project is rising as fans settle in for a night on 10 with 720,000 watching after 7pm. That was the biggest Project audience since June 2017. The episode outrated ACA in Melbourne.

NCIS got a bump too with 507,000 cap city viewers its best since October last year.

ABC: After News, 7.30 and Foreign Correspondent all found a home in the top 20, Catalyst was on 389,000 at 8.30pm.

SBS: Great Canadian Railway Journeys was on 332,000, up from 292,000 a week ago. SBS World News, Dateline and Insight were all over 200,000.

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