Readership data gives clearer picture of digital news media consumption

Almost three-quarters of Australians are accessing news media content on digital platforms

Almost three-quarters of Australians (71% or 12.7 million) are accessing news media content on digital platforms, such as desktop, smartphones and tablets, according to the latest emmaTM (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) data.

Print news media continue to maintain a large audience with 13.7 million readers, or 76% of the population. National and metro print news media are read by 11.7 million people each month. One in five Australians read regional print news media while community newspapers reach 4.9 million people a month.

The emma data for the 12 months to February 2016 now includes the IAB-endorsed digital currency data, Nielsen’s Digital Ratings Monthly (DRM). This replaces the previous digital currency, Nielsen Online Ratings (NOR). Due to this change of methodology, there is a trend break in the data that means digital audience comparisons to previous periods are not valid.

“The incorporation of Nielsen’s DRM is a further enhancement for emma and Ipsos’s commitment to rigour, accuracy and innovation and provide a clear picture of digital news media audiences,” The Newspaper Works CEO Mark Hollands said.

“The emma data shows that news media audiences are of high quality. An analysis of income levels and shopping habits shows readers earn more and spend more than other consumers.”

News media readers earn an average of $82,000 p.a., which is $16,400 p.a. more than other consumers, emma data reveals.

Retailers that advertise in news media reach consumers who love to shop locally, with readers 8% more likely to visit their nearest shopping strip than non-readers.

Across a range of categories, readers spend more than other shoppers. For example, when it comes to buying their next car, readers intend to spend 14% more than non-readers and spend 32% more on home entertainment and electronics than non-readers.

The Sydney Morning Herald has Australia’s largest cross-platform readership, reaching 5.9 million readers.

The Daily Telegraph followed with 4.5 million readers and the Herald Sun with 4.4 million.

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