News Corp and Fairfax comment on new readership data

News Corp and Fairfax comment on the latest emma readership data

A News Corp Australia spokesman said: “It’s official – our cross-platform audience is now bigger than Facebook’s. Today’s emma data, in combination with Nielsen’s new DRM, confirms that no-one comes close to the reach and engagement that we have with Australians.”

News Corp noted the emma data shows almost 16 million 14+ Australians are choosing to access News Corp Australia’s cross-platform publications each month.

This makes the News Corp Australia cross-platform audience bigger than Facebook (14.9 million 14+)

Commenting on the February 2016 emma survey results, Fairfax Media’s Australian publishing media commercial and marketing services director Tom Armstrong said:

“According to emma, Fairfax Media reached 12.9 million, or seven in 10 Australians, aged 14+ in February, demonstrating the strength and scale of our network in reaching and engaging with audiences across print and digital platforms. Fairfax’s digital network reached 10.8 million people, which reflects the fast progress we have made in growing digital audiences.

“emma data now incorporates the new Nielsen Digital Ratings Monthly (DRM) and provides a more accurate total audience reach, particularly for mobile and tablet audiences.

Dinkus of Tom Armstrong.  Pic by Nic Walker.

Tom Armstrong. Pic by Nic Walker.

“Australia’s number one news destination, The Sydney Morning Herald, reached a total masthead audience of 5.9 million in February according to emma, 1.4 million more than its nearest competitor.

The Age reached 3.5 million Australians aged 14+ across print and digital platforms and a total digital audience of 2.6 million.

The Australian Financial Review reached a total masthead audience of 1.6 million people in February, with Monday-to-Friday print readership lifting 8% year-on-year and the AFR Weekend achieving 15% year-on-year growth.”

Fairfax Media noted due to the change in methodology, emma has implemented a trend break for total masthead and total digital audiences which means any digital comparisons are invalid for this period.

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