New arrivals on TV Demand charts: Netflix’s Voltron and Insatiable

Mediaweek editor James Manning takes a look at the TV demand charts for the week ending August 11.

On a weekend where Orange Is The New Black tops three of these charts again, a new arrival on the Digital Originals chart in Australia is Voltron: Legendary Defender, which has started streaming its seventh season on Netflix.

A new entry on the New Zealand Digital Originals chart (and yet to chart in Australia) is Netflix’s Insatiable. The controversial series has been copping it from all quarters being labelled “fat shaming” while others have said it’s yet another series that misunderstands teenagers.

On the Overall TV Shows charts in both countries, new at #4 is Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which has been screening on E! and returned last week with season 15. The Sinner and The Walking Dead charted again in Australia, while America’s Got Talenti American Horror Story and World Of Dance were new on the New Zealand chart.

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