Presto’s Shaun James – declares service is #2 in Australian SVOD market [2016 Ep 15]

The head of Presto Shaun James has said Presto is second only to Netflix in the Australian SVOD market.

Presto chief Shaun James declared that Presto is the number two subscription video on demand service in Australia during his interview on the Mediaweek Industry podcast. James was joined by Presto head of content and acquisitions Brendan Moo as he outlined what he views as the market realities for Presto.

“If you look at a number of data points: We look at brand tracking. We’re number 2. We look at traffic and usage, which are publicly available web figures over the December, January, February period. We’re number 2. We know from some of our affiliate partners where all services are available on things like the Telstra TV or other devices of that nature that we sit at number 2 from a usage and utility point of view.

“There’s a lot of chatter in the space and a lot of the commentary about where we sit in market comes from one of the other SVOD providers, rather than an independent arbiter, so you’d probably expect that,” James explained.

In considering the metrics, James insisted that Presto is a very firm second. Behind Netflix, but ahead of the Fairfax/Nine co-venture Stan.


“They’re metrics that we look at side by side. So, if you look at one of the metrics that’s been spoken about, gross registrations. Fairfax half-year results talked about 700,000 gross registrations [for Stan]. As we sit here this morning, we’re comfortably north of that from a Presto perspective. We don’t necessarily see it as an incredibly meaningful statistic because these services are about, at the end of the day, active paying subscribers,” he said.

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  • And more.

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